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Top Convincing Reasons for Outsource Video Editing

Outsource video editing

Video Editing is a must to have high effects on promotion & marketing campaigns. The importance of video content makes outsourcing video editing understandable. Many factors make video makers hesitate in outsourcing video editing services or try to edit by themselves. This article will show you top convincing reasons to outsource video editing service. 6 […]

5 Essential Tips In Real Estate Videography Creation

Real Estate Videography

Real Estate Videography is no doubt proved for its power in driving engagement. Statistic shows that: + Real Estate Listings including a video receives 403% more inquiries than those without according to Virtuets  + Click-through rate is up to 96% for introductory email according to Implix. In order make a successful real estate video, please […]

Staging Kids Bedroom When Selling Your Home

Staging homes for sale can be a rough process when selling your house, especially when you have a kids bedroom. The workload can be overwhelming and tiring. You will not only stage and clean the kids rooms to make them show-ready for potential buyers, but also keep the consistent home environment for your kids. Your […]

6 Tips to Upgrade Your Kitchen to Wow Your Home Buyers

Kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms when showcasing your house for sale. Therefore, when selling your house, you should not forget to do some touch-ups on this room. And if your kitchen has outdated features or appliances, it is time to make some upgrades. In this article, you will learn 6 tips […]

Should Real Estate Photographers List Their Price On The Website?

Should Real Estate Photographers List Their Price On The Website?

Listing price lists on the website or not is a controversial question in photography communities. Some agree to publicize the price, some are not. How about you? Are you going to post your price on your real estate photography website? If you are wondering, this article will show you the pros and cons of listing […]

Top 4 Best Weather Apps for Real Estate Photographers

Top 4 Best Weather Apps for Real Estate Photographers

Being a real estate photographer, you may have many concerns before shooting days. One of those concerns is the weather – which you can not control. To avoid the drawbacks of weather to shooting schedules, many photographers decide to follow mainstream weather reports or the standard weather channel apps. If you are also looking for […]

How to Reduce Noise in Your Real Estate Images

Noise photography

Noise in photography might be one of the most unexpected side effects, making your images look low quality. Nowadays, there is a lot of post-processing software available to help enhance images, but for the matter of noise, it is a very daunting task to remove as the images are easy to become watercolor paintings, especially […]

Preparing for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Preparing for real estate photo shoot

In the entire selling process, the most anxious times can be the day photographers arrive to shoot and everything should be ready by the time. Actually, professional photographers are artists. They walk around the house, searching for the most important aspects of the house to show up for potential buyers. In other words, they need […]

Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

Exterior shots of homes, apartments, and office buildings are usually the very first images that photographers encounter when they take a look at a real estate property when they search property listings online. That’s why it is necessary to get images of the highest quality, making all first impression a good one. There are two […]

Real Estate Photos Taking during the Period of COVID-19: Stay Safe and Useful

When the virus spreads, all aspects of our lives have been enormously affected and our working life gets much more difficult when the in-person interaction has been limited and social distancing is carried out. Of course, safety and our health are the most important. We should practice essential safety regulations to keep us safe at […]

Virtual Renovation – How It Helps To Sell Your House

Virtual Renovation - How it helps to sell home

“A picture is worth a thousand words” seems to be the popular quote when it comes to selling home. Home sellers understand that and try to showcase the full potential of their houses through quality photos. However, what will happen if selling a fixer-upper, a partially completed build or out-dated house? That might have been […]

Buy and Sell a Home During the COVID – 19 Outbreak

Spring is considered the hot time of the year to buy or sell a home. Many people choose spring because it fits nicely with the school calendar. However, this year, things have been changed dramatically due to the COVID – 19 outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the real estate market […]

How To Make A Real Estate Video Go Viral

How To Make A Real Estate Video Go Viral

Without a doubt, real estate video is the best way to attract more potential clients to your house. However, successfully filming and editing a real estate video are just a halfway to get full benefits from it.  The rest will depend on how you distribute the video to your target audience. And in today’s article, […]

Virtual Staging For Real Estate : All You Need To Know

Home staging is proven to boost sales when it comes to selling houses, especially empty houses. Unfortunately, to do physical home staging, it is very expensive and time consuming. And Virtual Staging was born as a formidable technological advancement in home staging techniques. It allows real estate agents to easily, inexpensively, and quickly turn an […]

Important Virtual Staging Rules

virtual staging rules

When it comes to real estate marketing tools, home staging is considered at the top of the listing. It is because buyers often find it hard to imagine how their life will be in an empty house. If you show a warm and inviting space, they are more likely to make a purchase for it. […]

Real Estate Photo Lighting Techniques

gold time

One of the decisive factors for successful photos in general and for real estate ones, in particular, might be getting the right lighting.  In the real estate photo lighting, if you get it right, space will look warm and inviting. And viewers see the beautiful scene out of the windows and the interior space as […]

Why Can “Flambient” Method Make Your Real Estate Photography Beautiful?

flambient shot

As the name suggests, it is a method of real estate photography that combines flash and ambient shots in photos. It is a new method but had the fastest growth thanks to its outstanding benefits. That’s is how most our clients apply if they want to highlight the best features of properties, adding color, contrast, […]

Check out Top Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate Photos in 2020

Among real estate photographers and agents, although it is a new trend in selling houses, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the virtual staging method that has been proved to help enhance the sales, becoming one of the most used marketing tools. In this article, we would like to share with you the […]

Panaroma Image Stitching Service From BeatColor

Panaroma Image Stitching Service From BeatColor

Visual effect is the key thing in selling home. Understand it, real estate agents always try to create new visual effects to be outstood from the competitors. In real estate market recently, panorama photos have been becoming a new trend thanks to the ability to capture entire scene in single picture. And in this today […]

Real Estate Video Marketing – Essential Things You Should Know

Video has been becoming the best marketing tool today. Thanks to the development of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sharing and distributing videos to more and more people is much easier than ever. Furthermore, we are living in the digital technology era, almost people have smartphone equipped with a camera. Shooting a […]

How To Shoot HDR Real Estate Photography In 6 Steps

If you are real estate photographers, you may be familiar with HDR technique which is considered the fastest way to get great looking real estate photos. And if you are beginners, in this article today, we will introduce to you 6 steps to shoot HDR Real Estate Photography so that you can produce the best […]

Drone for Real Estate Agents: When and Why Should Use?

Being a real estate agent, definitely you always want to invest less but get more profit. To do that, you should be sensible with the market, always stay abreast with the latest trends in real estate marketing. There is an emerging trend in shooting real estate photography, which is using Drone – an unmanned aircraft […]

Best Laptops for Photo Editing in 2020

Best Laptop for Photo Editing

It doesn’t matter you want to bring your photography to the next level or you are looking for pro-grade tools. Investing in a powerful and capable laptop is money well spent, helping you with large uncompressed photos at ultra-high resolutions. Also, it can handle thousands of iPhone images. Actually, you can do almost basic work […]

Get to Know More About DNG File


Nowadays, there are not only a lot of image formats but also a variety of applications that have their own native file format. It is essential for those of us who are working on photos to understand the difference between each type of file. Today we will talk more about one of the most popular files […]

Best Noise Reduction Software for Professional Photographers

Noise Reduction Software

What is Noise in Photography? Noise is a common topic in photography that you need to know to maximize photo quality. Actually, noise is a grainy veil in photos, which obscure details and spoil the picture quality. In Lightroom or Photoshop, you can easily see random pixels by brightening images. There are two kinds of […]

Discover Portrait Retouching Service at BeatColor

Retouch Portraits

What is That? Similar to photography in general, portrait photography plays an essential role in our life nowadays, serving a variety of different purposes. Accordingly, many digital availabilities are also specially created to help you have attractive and professional images. One of the best ones is portrait retouching. Most of the time, we cannot capture […]

Clipping Path vs. Masking: What Do You Know?

Clipping Path vs. Masking: What Do You Know?

Clipping Path and Masking are the photoshop techniques used to cut out the subject from the background. Despite sharing the same purpose, Clipping Path and Masking have its own method to get the result. Reading through this article to see how different they are and when we should use them. What Is Clipping Path? Clipping […]

[UPDATED] Top 8 Best Photo Sharing Websites in 2020

Top 8 Best Photo Sharing Websites in 2020

Have you ever thought about sharing your photos online and let others view your photos? If not yet, why don’t you check out our top 8 best photo sharing websites in this article to start saving and showing off your photos or even selling your photos now. 8 Best Photo Sharing Websites in 2020 1. Instagram […]

Top 5 Best Video Editing Software For Mac – Updated 2020

You are using Mac and you are looking for an application to edit your videos. You are surprised at the huge variety of video editing software for Mac in the market today. If it is the case, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about top 5 best video editing tools which are best suitable […]

The Most Considerable Free Drawing Software

Before showing the list of the best free drawing software, we just want to clarify that good drawing software is the application often coming with built-in tools to help users to create artwork from scratch. Then, with other simple tools including a mouse and keyboard, you can virtually draw anything in the area of available […]

Best Budget Cameras in Different Brands for Beginners

A wide range of cameras in different designs and various kinds of functions are available these days. For those of you who are beginners and who have a limit of experience and budget to purchase a new camera, figuring out the one which meets the essential requirements of your job in the real estate photo […]

Highly Recommended Tripod for Real Estate Photography

It is undeniable that stunning photos play an important role in the real estate industry, so the demand for beautiful real estate photos has no sign of stopping increasing. For those who would love to follow this industry, a tripod cannot be missed. Every photographer should have this essential photography gear to make photos look […]

Top 8 Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes

Real Estate Sites

The variety of real estate sites available on the internet makes it very hard for home finders to hunt for their potential homes. That is why you need to figure out trustworthy websites that can offer you valuable options and easy to use. Also, for the home sellers and real estate agents, it is important […]

Simple Tips To Shoot And Edit Twilight Real Estate Photos

Tips to shoot and edit twilight real estate photos

Choosing the right timeframe is one of the most important factors to get wonderful pictures, especially while taking twilight ones. There is no doubt about the benefits of twilight photos that bring a beautiful view to a property that helps to upsell for it. This post is going to suggest useful tips for those of you […]

Making Photos Of An Apartment On Your Own? Do’s And Don’ts!

The Most Effective Apartment Photography Photography is an odd thing. You don’t have to take years of school to take good pictures. Certainly, you’re going to do a better job if you know what you’re doing. However, you can take some pretty decent pictures if you just keep your eyes open and use common sense. […]

Real Estate Photo Editing Techniques to Improve Property Images

Selling a residential or commercial property can be a challenging process. Most property owners hire real estate professionals to help them out. Trying to handle both listing and marketing a property without this professional help can lead to lots of problems. Property buyers want to know everything they can about a home or commercial building. […]

How Do I Sell My House? Everything You Need to Know

Selling a home is not an easy task. For starters, the process requires hard work at each step – from preparing to pre-list and showing to negotiating offers and closing the deal. Further, the selling process takes anywhere between 2 to 4 months to complete and costs about 4 to 10 percent of the final […]

Pitfalls that Virtual Staging often Encounter And How to Avoid those

Virtual home staging_living room

There is no doubt about the benefits of virtual staging to home selling. It helps potential homeowners envision how they live in a space. Therefore, it helps to increase sales prices and speed up sales as well. Statistics have shown that 90% of buyers looking for a home start on the web to check the […]

Home staging: Amazing before and after photos

According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2015 Profile of Home Staging Report, staging home before getting it listed on the market will definitely boost the sale and even helpit sell more quickly. Imagine you are the buyer, will you want to drop by a house with a fresh and clean appearance? In home selling competition, […]

10 Secret Tips For Staging A Bedroom To Sell

Have you ever thought about staging your bedroom before getting it listed on the market? According to  Home Staging report of NAR, 51% of real estate agents believe staging a bedroom is “very important” and after that is the living room .Therefore, if you haven’t thought about it, you are indeed losing a lot of potential clients. […]

Top 10 Best Floor Plan Software for Real Estate Agents

Whether you want to see the layout of your furniture before remodelling or you want to show the layout of your house for your home buyers. Floor plan is what you need. Instead of sketching your layout design on paper, there are numberous home floor plan tools which can help you out. What is floor […]

Different packages in Photo Editing Service

As all of you know, Real Estate Photo Editing contains a lot of different techniques with different levels. Depending on each requirement of output photos, there will be specific packages for it. In our Photo Editing service, we divide the packages into 4 separated ones: Basic – Standard – Upper Standard – Premium. The price […]

Common file formats in Photography

Specializing in Real Estate Photography, you may know clearly which file format is the most suitable with your photos and your purposes. However, for newbies, it would be a bit confused to define the right file formats to save the photos for certain purposes. And being the people who edit your photos, we need to […]

Get started with Real Estate Video Production

You have perfect real estate website and have published plenty of professional and stunning real estate photos. But it seems your content doesn’t attract more viewers as you expected. So why not try a new content format – Real Estate Videography which has been proving its effectiveness through an overwhelming number of statistics. If you’re telling […]

Real Estate Video Editing from BeatColor

Video is rapidly becoming one of the most important marketing tools in a real estate market when today’s life is too busy for buyers to have time to read long listing descriptions or click on each image to see. The modern customer wants to see the product in action, especially in Real Estate Market. As […]


HAPPY US LABOR DAY! Sharing the same joy and happiness with US citizens on Labor Day, Beat Color is pleased to launch a Sale Off campaign up to 20% for all Virtual Staging Orders from 20th August to 3rd September (US time). Specifically, Beat Color will offer:    – 10% OFF for new customers who […]


Home staging is an important preparation before selling home, especially when it comes to selling empty houses. In the past, home staging is something very expensive and time-consuming. However, in today technology, home staging becomes much easier than before with virtual home staging. Like traditional staging, a theme of furniture style is very important. However, […]

How real estate photo retouching shorten your home selling process?

Being a real estate photographer, perhaps you have ever shooted some properties which are not ready for photography. Some photographers will reschedule the shoot to wait until the homes are ready. In the meanwhile, some photographers with time constraints will have to shoot with its best performance, then try to fix it later on Photoshop. […]

Floor Plan Sketch Conversion From BeatColor

You want to show the layout or the flow of the property for your potential home buyers. But all you can do is creating a hand-drawn floor plan. No worry! Outsourcing floor plan sketch conversion service from Beat Color, you will get exactly what you want! What is Floor Plan Sketch Conversion? Floor Plan Sketch […]

Floor Plan for Real Estate: Why should use?

          Floor plan is not a new term in real estate market. Many realtors or home owners started to take advantage of floor plan as an additional factor in their marketing strategy. While real estate photographs bring viewers a clear look about each room of the property, floor plan offers actual […]

Virtual home Staging – A great revolution of home staging

Home staging—a service where professionals help home sellers to show off full potential of the property by arranging furniture and artwork in rooms. By applying home staging, houses are sold faster and more profitable. The below pornographic will show the numbers to prove it. Basing on this statistic, it is undeniable the significant benefits of […]

40 HDR Presets For Exterior Real Estate Photos

You want to have HDR real estate photos, but you have no time to process it. Here is your solution – 40 HDR Presets For Exterior Real Estate Photos. Although it is not perfect as you do it yourself but it still results in good photos and the important thing is it can help you save […]

100 Free Photography Logo Templates for photographers

Being a photographer, you’re probably used to letting your photos do all the talking for you. However, only photos themselves might not help potential clients recognize your photos amongst a forest of gorgeous photos. You need something to create the brand identity. And that is Logo. The purpose of a logo is to represent your […]

Virtual staging for Real estate: For or Against

Virtual Staging for real estate is most often described as a service which moderates a picture of an empty room by the addition of images of a sofa, coffee table, and other furniture and accessories. The empty property will be furnished with modern items without any actual changes. Cost effective and labor & time saving are […]


Real Estate Twilight Photo can be very advantageous for marketing your real estate business simply because of the high visual impact. A nice real estate twilight photo can achieve on the viewers perception of the subject property and the professional image of the real estate agent. There is a reason why the feature shot of most […]


Virtual staging is a process of using Photoshop techniques to virtually furnish an empty room. Through virtual staging, a property can be filled with everything, from kitchen appliances to art or furniture. Walls can be painted and floors can be refinished, without the aid of a contractor. It can be said that virtual staging is […]


On online real estate market, potential buyers will base on displayed photographs to choose which one is better. As a result, beautifully furnished house will be obviously more appealing than empty house. Besides that, furnished properties not only attract more viewings, but they also help buyers imagine themselves living in a  properly furnished property with […]

Things you should keep in mind before selling your real estate

In every kind of trades, if you have good preparation as well as perfect selling strategies, your products will definitely be sold out soon. Real estate market is also not an exception. Therefore, if you want to sell your home on your own, you need to have precise plans as well as smart strategies. Here […]


Post-processing is an important step in creating appealing and attractive photos. So what software do photographers mostly use? Adobe Photoshop or Light room? or other paid software? In this article, Beat Color will introduce to you the most impressive software but totally free. The GIMP GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It […]


Real estate photography includes exteriors photography and interiors photography. Each type has its own set of requirements to get the best images. Many photographers agree that interiors photography is a bit more difficult to shoot than exteriors photography is. So here are some interesting tips for the best interiors real estate photographs. Real estate photography […]