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An Incredible Guideline For Video Walkthrough Real Estate


Video walkthrough real estate is a kind of emotional marketing which dramatically increases viewers’ engagement. This valuable marketing asset allows viewers to inspect the properties virtually. Video walkthroughs make viewers easy to discover the potential value and image how their life carries on in the new house. This fact makes video a dominating trend in […]

Top 10 Evergreen Real Estate Photography Marketing Factors


Real estate photography marketing is the most influential factor to grow your brand and fuel your business recognition. The correct marketing plan leads your business to the successful path to promote real estate business. Whether you are starting a new business or doing a development plan for your current photography business, this concise post always […]

5 Inspiring Backyard Staging Ideas for Home Selling 2022

“Backyard staging ideas” is a topic getting a lot of interest because home buyers nowadays desire to see as much as possible a property’s potential. Not only is the house’s curb appeal and interior area, but it is also crucial for any owner to pay attention to spruce up the backyard area. In the following […]

How To Grow Real Estate Photography Business? – Latest Techniques


Growing real estate photography business is always the major demand for any photographer. Well, how you can turn it into a profitable business sustainably if you know that the average income to shoot a medium property is approximately US$ 140 – US$ 160. It certainly requires much effort and time to build sustainable development for […]

7 Amazing Entertaining Room Ideas For A Perfect Set-Up


Reflecting a sense of joyfulness, the entertainment room is the symbol of unwinding, revitalization, and reunion. Despite diverse designs, the core entertainment room ideas are the places for all members to watch their favorite sports matches play games, or enjoy thrilling films.  This dedicated post provides you with key entertainment room furniture ideas to set […]

Real Estate Video Editing Services BeatColor provides

More and more companies tend to use video marketing to woo their customers and sell their products in the last few years. As a result, Real Estate Video Editing services have also gained tremendous popularity and interest from real estate agents for their marketing purposes. While marketing any real estate property, it is important that […]

Impressive Kitchen Photography Ideas For Real Estate Photographers

2022 is the perfect time real estate brokers invested significantly in kitchen photography shoots because of its great impact on selling homes. Today, we are going to share with you handy tips for clickable kitchen photography that make prospective clients want to look more closely at your rooms.  Impress your potential home buyers with 6 […]

Den Room Ideas – An Extensive Guide


In recent years, den room ideas are capturing a high interest. In a house, the den room is known as the man cave where they can find calmness and relaxation again. Such a peaceful place helps people recharge their energy after the hectic pace of life on the outside. This specific post gives you the […]

How To Blend Real Estate Photos In Photoshop – BeatColor Experts’Sharing

How-To-Blend-Real-Estate- Photos-In-Photoshop

“How to blend real estate photos in photoshop” is always a hot topic that photographers, photo editors, and even realtors are interested in. Implementing editing techniques wisely and utilizing its tool correctly is vital to enhance color correction and consistency.  This great post provides you with a strong background in real estate photo editing software […]

Top 8 Most Favorite Interior Designs In Real Estate Virtual Staging (Part 2)

In the very first part, we introduced top four popular interior styles in real estate virtual staging (Modern, Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional. And in the article today, we’re going to reveal the four rest designs. Let’s discover what they are! Scandinavian style in real estate virtual staging Scandinavian style is a combination of 3 elements: […]