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How To Blend Real Estate Photos In Photoshop – BeatColor Experts’Sharing

How-To-Blend-Real-Estate- Photos-In-Photoshop

“How to blend real estate photos in photoshop” is always a hot topic that photographers, photo editors, and even realtors are interested in. Implementing editing techniques wisely and utilizing its tool correctly is vital to enhance color correction and consistency.  This great post provides you with a strong background in real estate photo editing software […]

Top 8 Most Favorite Interior Designs In Real Estate Virtual Staging (Part 2)

In the very first part, we introduced top four popular interior styles in real estate virtual staging (Modern, Contemporary, Traditional and Transitional. And in the article today, we’re going to reveal the four rest designs. Let’s discover what they are! Scandinavian style in real estate virtual staging Scandinavian style is a combination of 3 elements: […]

Top 8 Most Favorite Interior Designs In Real Estate Virtual Staging (Part 1)

Real estate virtual staging is popular for being an incredible breakthrough as well as an inexpensive and easy method which has proven to when it comes to selling houses, especially empty ones. However, sometimes, it might waste time and money if clients do not know exactly what they expect and have no specific furniture styles. […]

Bracketing Real Estate & Advanced Technique For Photographing Interior


Bracketing real estate becomes very popular with real estate photographers thanks to its covering a wide dynamic range of exposures. More than introducing bracketing real estate photography, this concise post gives you techniques of applying bracketing real estate to photograph the interior. Let’s get started!  What Is Bracketing Real Estate? In an easy-to-understand way, bracketing […]

How To Take Real Estate Photos With iPhone


We have gone the day, where real estate photography heavily leans on DSLR camera. The continuous release of the ultra-wide camera phone featuring telephoto lens makes it the best alternative to DSLR cameras in produce sharp wide-angle photos.   When coming across ‘How to take real estate photos with Iphone’, let’s make sure that you are […]

9 Remarkable Realtor Photoshoot Ideas For Agents 

Real estate agent’s photoshoot is the very first thing noticed by any photographers or clients when they approach you. However, in the new world of real estate and digital marketing, how do you show up yourself to be seen? Reading these following realtor photoshoot ideas will help you create professional headshots. What are realtor photoshoot […]

Top 10 Amazing Photoshop Plugin For Real Estate Photographer To Lean On


Photoshop plugin for real estate photographer makes their job easier. Leaning on extensions allows them to take advantage of the latest technologies to enhance the speed and quality of images.  Many add-on recommendations in this post assist real estate photographers in not only producing captivating images but also doing graphic design. Let’s check it out.  PixelSquid […]

Can You Make Money In Real Estate Photography? & Actual Facts

Pursuing real estate photography as the right niche for your photography business is sometimes tough. The market demand and potential profits highly impact your work. This comprehensive post “Can you make money in real estate photography?” gives you a clearer overview of “how much do real estate photographers make?”. Additionally, we will share useful tips to […]

A Complete Guide For Photoshop Object Removal

Photoshop Object Removal

Why do we need to use photoshop object removal ? Sign posts, garden hoses, pool equipment or camera man, etc. , are unwanted objects which do not have a place in a real estate image used for real estate marketing. Fortunately, these undesirable items can be edited out by using some easy Photoshop tools and […]

Real Estate Cover Photos – Top 10 Amazing Ideas To Follow


In the era of social media, real estate cover photos have turned into one of the professional and creative branding methods favored by global realtors. This social marketing asset goes the extra mile to promote your brand name and gives the irresistible call to action by putting a little thought into the design.  This concise […]

Real Estate TikTok- An Ultimate Solution To Sell Home


In this digital era and particularly the Covid-19 situation, we have experienced the dramatic change of real estate marketing. Importantly, hopping-on trends to fresh and resonate audience’s taste. Real estate TikTok is one of the adaptations. This concise post is great for anyone, who wants to move into real estate TikTok and employ its effect […]

Photoshop Color Correcting Techniques In Real Estate Photo Editing

Photoshop color correcting is something simple but most real estate editors still make mistakes occasionally. Photos which come straight from a digital camera are not always perfect. As you start to gain more experience with Photoshop, you may notice some recurring problems with photos that need to be fixed. For example, several photos may be […]

How To Set Your Real Estate Videography Pricing?


Real estate videography is a powerful tool to grab the attention of prospective buyers and take their interest in the property. Whether you are selling a modern apartment, a cozy family house, or a rural property with gorgeous farmland, real estate videos are highly recommended thanks to their ability to cast the property vision.  Making […]

A Detailed Guideline About How Much To Charge For Real Estate Photography

How Much To Charge For Real Estate Photography

It must be a challenge for any photographer to price their services appropriately, and it is even more challenging to structure real estate photography pricing lists. If you are seeking a clear explanation and instruction on how much to charge for real estate photography, this concise article is on the way to help.  We will […]

A Comprehensive Guideline Of How To Photograph Real Estate


Photography is the photographers’ creativity and the art of arrangements in object, light, composition. So, in general, the topic of How To Photograph Real Estate is very broad and hard to convey enough in one post. This specific article walks you through some essential tips for taking real estate photos and storytelling your property. Let’s […]

4 Handy Tips For Home Office Staging


Social distancing measurements and a long time lockdown of Covid-19 create remote work trends. Undoubtedly, the future of the home workplace continues developing even post Covid-19. More than ever, staging home office is becoming increasingly vital to make us fully ready to work and productive enough to achieve the desired results. If you are going […]

Best Canon Lens For Real Estate Photography – Top Pick 2021

Best canon lens for real estate photography

On the internet of thing era, your likely home buyers rely on the real estate photos to convince themselves whether it is worth a call for action or not. More than ever, real estate photography plays an important role in showcasing the nice angles and outstanding beauty of the properties. To make it come true, […]

A Great Guideline Of Real Estate Photography Camera Settings

Real Estate Photography Camera Settings

Photography is the art of arrangement and creativity of photographers. Creativity, sensibility, and good knowledge about photography create artworks. There isn’t a common formula to get a piece of art. But, any beginner photographer should always start with familiarizing photography terms and testing with the guideline of camera settings, which are essential background before reaching […]

Twilight Real Estate Photography & The Way To Master Your Skills – Update 2021

Twilight Real Estate Photography

Wondering an effective method to boost sales and make your property stand out? Twilight Real Estate Photography is a simple cost-effective way but it is so alluring to the viewers. The high contrast between yellow or orange lamps and the dark blue of the evening sky enhance the perceived value and quality of a home. […]

A Straightforward Guide To Remove Shadows From Photos

Remove Shadows From Photos - Applied For Virtual Dusk

If you are seeking a straightforward guide to remove shadows from photos, this post is perfect to grab. It introduces how to use Patch Tool, Clone Tool, Magic Wand Tool combined with adjustment layers to remove shadow. Additionally, the article provides you practical tips, which we can take advantage of once shooting properties without leaving […]

Top Real Estate Photo Editing Apps – Recommended By Professional Photographers

Real Estate Photo Editing Apps

Photo editing apps have become more popular than ever before. Whether your photos are portraits, panorama photos, ect,…the apps work fine for you. Quick edit and small photoshop technique requirements make Photo Editing Apps usable for anyone.  Editing real estate photos by Real Estate Photo Editing Apps doesn’t make any exception. Its superior features such […]

Top Favourite Real Estate Photo Editing Software For A Quick & Easy Edit

Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software

The famous quote in Real Estate “A picture is worth a thousand words” emphasizes the importance of nice photos. In the era of app and software development, Real Estate Photo Editing Software quickly turns a normal image into a piece of art just through a few clicks. It doesn’t require more effort and techniques. Besides […]

Real Estate Photography Lighting Techniques – A Must Read For Beginners (Update 2021)

Real Estate Photography Lighting

Mastering Real Estate Photography Lighting is one of the decisive factors to get an eye-catching photo, which is inspiring enough for a call to action. To get  bright, clean, warm and inviting photos, the latest camera isn’t enough to do that. It must take advantage of both natural and artificial lights available. This article presents […]

Best Camera For Real Estate – Experts’Choice (Amazing Selection 2021)

best camera for real estate

Real Estate Photographers are not only shooters, they are making the photos. To bring out the beauty of the property, they need the Best Camera For Real Estate, tripod, lens, rich gear, expertising in lighting and post-processing technique,…These elements would create a premium realistic photo.  Best Camera For Real Estate is the most important device. […]

How To Make Use Of Real Estate Social Media Posts Wisely?

real estate social media posts

How to create your Real Estate Social Media Posts effectively and have the best social media account to take your business to the next level? There is no specific formulation to build your brand on social media platforms successfully. However, always keeping up with algorithms, which each social media platform is using is a wise […]

Aerial Photography Real Estate Editing Services

Aerial Photography Real Estate

Aerial Photography Real Estate becomes the most effective real estate marketing to set a listing apart from the rest. The eye-catching aerial photos showcase the unique beauty of the property like staying amidst lush greenery. Importantly, the unique perspective of aerial photos gives home buyers an understanding of the house’s proximity to major sites like […]

Inspiring Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2021

Kitchen Remodeling

The trend of Open Floor Plan Remodel Before And After remarks a turning point in interior design. Nowadays, the kitchen is beyond its basic concept of cooking area. It mainly serves as the central hub for family gatherings. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we discovered that the kitchen has additional functionalities, which we hadn’t known before. […]

Open Floor Plan Remodel Before And After – A Comprehensive Analysis

Open Floor Plan Remodel Before And After

Open Floor Plan Remodel Before And After

Ultimate Introduction Of The Best Rendering Software


Rendering software is the life-blood of today’s VFX, graphic design, industrial design, and animation industries. However, finding the best rendering software to accommodate your work speed and create stunning results is not easy. The main reason is the costly investment fee for a powerful rendering program. If you are stuck in the situation of selecting […]

Top Bathroom Remodelling App Most Downloaded



Simple Tips To Upgrade Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing In 2021

Simple Tips To Upgrade Your Real Estate Social Media Marketing In 2021

The development of the digital technology era has changed a lot the operation of businesses on the market. People are trending to use online tools to support their business instead of using traditional methods which seems to be old-fashioned now. In the real estate industry, things are happening the same. Real estate agents/brokers not only […]

How Important Of Verticals In Real Estate Photography?

How Important Of Verticals In Real Estate Photography?

In an industry where pictures are the main selling point like real estate, photos need to be perfect and spotless. And one of the most noticeable issues when looking at a real estate photo is verticals which can make the photos look weird and unprofessional if they are not fixed correctly.  What Is Verticals In […]

Best Free Online Video Stabilizer software In 2021


At BeatColor, we offer real estate video editing service and one of the common requests we receive from clients is stabilizing the videos. Most videos get this issue, even when videographers use a gimbal or tripod.  And in this article today, we would like to share with you about the best free online video stabilizer […]

Staging A Bathroom – Initial Ideas For Renovation


The bathroom is getting more care from home-owners. Beyond the functional nature, more and more people like staging a bathroom into expansive, spa-like ensuites. It would be a relaxing place to awaken your senses, evoke emotions to melt away stress. To stage a bathroom fulfilling aesthetics and functionality, the first thing you have to do […]

Top 5 Most Popular Panorama Makers – From Basic To Advanced

5 Most Popular Panorama Makers

Stitching photos isn’t as difficult as we ever thought. Panorama makers make everything easier and simpler. It can stitch single exposures and HDR. Sharpness and seamless edges even exceed our expectations. This post gives you the top 5 most popular panorama makers. They are not only user-friendly interfaces but also produce stunning images. Panoramic Photography  […]

Best PC For Photo Editing In 2020 – In-Depth Review


The competition in computer technology among manufacturers increasingly matches with the need of customers. The purpose of computer invention is far different from the last decade. It doesn’t simply stop at office works. Nowadays, custom desktop computers are manufactured to meet different needs such as gamers, graphic designers, photo editors, video editors,…As for a photo […]

Emerging Real Estate Marketing Trends In 2021

Real Estate Marketing Trends 2021

Using the right marketing tools to attract potential home buyers and sellers are the successful keys. During 2020, marketing tools to boost real estate have been changed to adapt to the social distance. These changes forecast as Emerging Real Estate Marketing Trends 2021. In this post, we will show you top 6 creative emerging real […]

How To Photoshop Fire In Your Real Estate Photos

How To Photoshop Fire In Your Real Estate Photos

Your real estate photos which can convey the warmth and coziness definitely will be able to attract more clients. Understanding that, many home sellers want to light up the fireplace to create those feelings. If you want to photoshop fire in your real estate photos too, follow the below steps.  Step 1: Preparation You need […]


TV Screen Replacement

Working in the real estate photography editing field, we get a lot of requests asking us to replace the TV screen. So today, to help those who want to do TV screen replacement on their own but are wondering how to do it correctly, we decided to write this article to share the simple tips […]

What Is a Single Property Website And How to Utilize it?

single property website

In the world of the real estate industry, those who can make their properties stand out will be the winners. Understanding that, many real estate agents have been trying to market their listing as best as they can by utilizing updated technologies. One of them is single property website.  If you are wondering what a […]

A Complete Guide About Best Drones For Real Estate

Best Drones for Real Estate

“A picture is worth a thousand words ” is a quote in Real Estate. This statement is more accurate in the era of high technology. Stunning aerial photos and real estate drone videos are very appealing to home potential buyers. Its powerful effect makes drone as the latest marketing weapon in real estate. It showcases […]

Top Convincing Reasons for Outsource Video Editing

Outsource video editing

Video Editing is a must to have high effects on promotion & marketing campaigns. The importance of video content makes outsourcing video editing understandable. Many factors make video makers hesitate in outsourcing video editing services or try to edit by themselves. This article will show you top convincing reasons to outsource video editing service. 6 […]

5 Essential Tips In Real Estate Videography Creation

Real Estate Videography

Real Estate Videography is no doubt proved for its power in driving engagement. Statistic shows that: + Real Estate Listings including a video receives 403% more inquiries than those without according to Virtuets  + Click-through rate is up to 96% for introductory email according to Implix. In order make a successful real estate video, please […]

Staging Kids Bedroom When Selling Your Home

Staging homes for sale can be a rough process when selling your house, especially when you have a kids bedroom. The workload can be overwhelming and tiring. You will not only stage and clean the kids rooms to make them show-ready for potential buyers, but also keep the consistent home environment for your kids. Your […]

6 Tips to Upgrade Your Kitchen to Wow Your Home Buyers

Kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms when showcasing your house for sale. Therefore, when selling your house, you should not forget to do some touch-ups on this room. And if your kitchen has outdated features or appliances, it is time to make some upgrades. In this article, you will learn 6 tips […]

Should Real Estate Photographers List Their Price On The Website?

Should Real Estate Photographers List Their Price On The Website?

Listing price lists on the website or not is a controversial question in photography communities. Some agree to publicize the price, some are not. How about you? Are you going to post your price on your real estate photography website? If you are wondering, this article will show you the pros and cons of listing […]

Top 4 Best Weather Apps for Real Estate Photographers

Top 4 Best Weather Apps for Real Estate Photographers

Being a real estate photographer, you may have many concerns before shooting days. One of those concerns is the weather – which you can not control. To avoid the drawbacks of weather to shooting schedules, many photographers decide to follow mainstream weather reports or the standard weather channel apps. If you are also looking for […]

How to Reduce Noise in Your Real Estate Images

Noise photography

Noise in photography might be one of the most unexpected side effects, making your images look low quality. Nowadays, there is a lot of post-processing software available to help enhance images, but for the matter of noise, it is a very daunting task to remove as the images are easy to become watercolor paintings, especially […]

Preparing for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Preparing for real estate photo shoot

In the entire selling process, the most anxious times can be the day photographers arrive to shoot and everything should be ready by the time. Actually, professional photographers are artists. They walk around the house, searching for the most important aspects of the house to show up for potential buyers. In other words, they need […]

Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

Exterior shots of homes, apartments, and office buildings are usually the very first images that photographers encounter when they take a look at a real estate property when they search property listings online. That’s why it is necessary to get images of the highest quality, making all first impression a good one. There are two […]

Real Estate Photos Taking during the Period of COVID-19: Stay Safe and Useful

When the virus spreads, all aspects of our lives have been enormously affected and our working life gets much more difficult when the in-person interaction has been limited and social distancing is carried out. Of course, safety and our health are the most important. We should practice essential safety regulations to keep us safe at […]

Virtual Renovation – How It Helps To Sell Your House

Virtual Renovation - How it helps to sell home

“A picture is worth a thousand words” seems to be the popular quote when it comes to selling home. Home sellers understand that and try to showcase the full potential of their houses through quality photos. However, what will happen if selling a fixer-upper, a partially completed build or out-dated house? That might have been […]

Buy and Sell a Home During the COVID – 19 Outbreak

Spring is considered the hot time of the year to buy or sell a home. Many people choose spring because it fits nicely with the school calendar. However, this year, things have been changed dramatically due to the COVID – 19 outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the real estate market […]

How To Make A Real Estate Video Go Viral

How To Make A Real Estate Video Go Viral

Without a doubt, real estate video is the best way to attract more potential clients to your house. However, successfully filming and editing a real estate video are just a halfway to get full benefits from it.  The rest will depend on how you distribute the video to your target audience. And in today’s article, […]

Virtual Staging For Real Estate : All You Need To Know

Home staging is proven to boost sales when it comes to selling houses, especially empty houses. Unfortunately, to do physical home staging, it is very expensive and time consuming. And Virtual Staging was born as a formidable technological advancement in home staging techniques. It allows real estate agents to easily, inexpensively, and quickly turn an […]

Important Virtual Staging Rules

virtual staging rules

When it comes to real estate marketing tools, home staging is considered at the top of the listing. It is because buyers often find it hard to imagine how their life will be in an empty house. If you show a warm and inviting space, they are more likely to make a purchase for it. […]

Why Can “Flambient” Method Make Your Real Estate Photography Beautiful?

flambient shot

As the name suggests, it is a method of real estate photography that combines flash and ambient shots in photos. It is a new method but had the fastest growth thanks to its outstanding benefits. That’s is how most our clients apply if they want to highlight the best features of properties, adding color, contrast, […]

Check out Top Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate Photos in 2020

Among real estate photographers and agents, although it is a new trend in selling houses, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the virtual staging method that has been proved to help enhance the sales, becoming one of the most used marketing tools. In this article, we would like to share with you the […]

Panaroma Image Stitching Service From BeatColor

Panaroma Image Stitching Service From BeatColor

Visual effect is the key thing in selling home. Understand it, real estate agents always try to create new visual effects to be outstood from the competitors. In real estate market recently, panorama photos have been becoming a new trend thanks to the ability to capture entire scene in single picture. And in this today […]

Real Estate Video Marketing – Essential Things You Should Know

Video has been becoming the best marketing tool today. Thanks to the development of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sharing and distributing videos to more and more people is much easier than ever. Furthermore, we are living in the digital technology era, almost people have smartphone equipped with a camera. Shooting a […]