Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable web to push notifications ?

By Administrator 23/05/2017 0 Comments
Web Push allows BeatColor Client to notify users of new messages or updated content. While browser is opened, BeatColor Clients have been granted permissions to send notifications to your browser and display them on the screen. 1. Click to "bell" on the right bottom. 2. Click "Allow Notifications" to granted permissions. The bell is green,...

How to download done files ?

By Administrator 18/05/2017 0 Comments
Go to "Edited Files" area. 1. Download via site You can download each image by clicking to download button on each image or download all by clicking download all images button.   2. Download via dropbox You can click dropbox icon to get the dropbox link. *By default the browser block pop-up window. Please note...

How to create account and request task on BeatColor system?

By Administrator 17/05/2017 0 Comments
How to create a BeatColor client account? Step 1: Go to register page : Step 2:  Fill your information    Step 3: Active Your Account Step 4: Now you can login to : How to create & request task ? Log in our system and click “Create” on left panel   More information,...

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