Frequently Asked Questions

How to define task status: Pending, Assigned, Processing, Checking and Done?

On BeatColor system, in the Status box, We update the status of the clients’ task . The status include: DRAFT: This status appears when you are on the way to create your task and you haven’t requested that task. At this status, you can edit all your information related to name of the task, number […]

How to enable web to push notifications ?

Web Push allows BeatColor Client to notify users of new messages or updated content. While browser is open, BeatColor Client have been granted permissions can send notifications to your browser and display them on the screen.

How to download done files ?

1. Download via site.
2. Download via dropbox.

How to create account and request task on BeatColor system?

1. Go to register page :
2. Enter your information.
3. Active Your Account
4. Login to System