How to Present Exterior Photography At Its Best With Just Some Clicks

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How to Present Exterior Photography At Its Best With Just Some Clicks

By Keila Ngo 18/04/2023

Exterior photography is always the first feature drawing viewers’ attention. However, it is not always convenient to present outdoor photos at their best for some reasons. Fortunately, instead of re-shooting or waiting for the right time to shoot exterior pics of the house, you can save your time and effort by asking an outsourcing real estate photo editing to take care. 

In the following article, BeatColor will share 6 noticeable edits that definitely can help present your exterior photography’s potential transparently. 

6 Remarkable Edits for Appealing Exterior Photography 

Many real estate agents and brokers agree that exterior photography efficiently generates more leads. Nevertheless, you have to be at the mercy of nature when taking photos outside. Take the weather as an example. Too much light on a summer day can cause harsh shadows; otherwise, too little light on a rainy day makes your pictures look bad if you do not know how to handle the situation.

This sometimes even prevents you from following your intended shooting plan. Worse, this causes unwanted delays and additional budget, significantly affecting your business. The good news is you can ask for excellent assistance with post-processing edits. Discover 6 unskippable edits for exterior photography below.

Image Enhancement  

Many photographers, even the most professional ones, admit it‘s hard to have a ready-to-use real estate photo at the first shoot. Unlike interior photography, there are many objective elements causing the outdoor images’ imperfection. The prevalent issues for exterior shots are dull color, overcast sky, distortion or sun glare issues, etc. Fortunately, if you are not comfortable adjusting these levels on your own, working with seasoned photo editing professionals is a good idea. Outsourcing editing can fastly give you crisp, attractive, and more clickable than ever. 

In case you are going to edit photos by yourself, here are some suggested notes: 

  1. 1. Checking highlights and shadows
  2. 2. Adjusting white and color balance
  3. 3. Using the vibrance slider
  4. 4. Adjusting contrast and clarity
  5. 5. Reducing luminance for specific colors 


The photographing process does not always go off without a hitch, especially when working with a tough client. Sometimes, the homeowners do not prepare their space well before shooting due to limited time or an awful mess. It seems nonsense, but some will ask you to “clean” everything. No worries, you are not alone. A skilled and experienced photo editor can put things on the right track.

Item Removal 

Have you ever got trouble with distracted items when shooting outdoor photos? Some cars in front of the building, trucks in the driveway, bin trashes, or a mess in the patio or backyard can make your outdoor pictures less valuable. No worries! With just some clicks, BeatColor professionals can edit them out fastly and perfectly. 

Item Addition 

In contrast, many real estate photographers have expressed their concerns about adding some things to their pics of unfurnished houses so as to make them more captivating and clickable. Popular requests for adding items can be grass replacement, plants and bushes added, and sometimes adding water to the pool. 

Below is an example. Compared to before and after versions, the right picture catches your eye immediately, correct? 

Virtual Summer

One of the most remarkable edits improving your outdoor shot significantly is summer/ spring conversion. Although it can vary from market to market, harsh seasons dramatically impact your real estate photography quality, especially the exterior shots. For example, areas in cold climates like the Midwest often see slower home sales during winter. On the contrary, areas in warm climates like Arizona and Florida often have a “snowbird effect,” with people relocating or buying second homes in the winter. Each region has its own nuanced effect, so it’s essential to either know the trends of your particular market or how to digitally transform the result. Our virtual summer (or spring conversation) service is the perfect solution for this radical transformation! 

In this package, we will help you permanently remove unwanted dirty snow, add green to trees and bushes, replace the lawn, and other retouches to bring the tenants a more captivating yet still natural appearance.  With just a tiny investment, you can always get top-dollar selling property pictures in a few minutes!


Day to Dusk  

The next magical edit is Day to Dusk service. Honestly, who can resist the wonderfully beautiful glow of the sky at sunset or twilight? Warm light coming from the window, beautiful yellow, red, orange, and purple rays blending in the dusk sky, some fire in the fireplace brightening the space, etc. What could be better than spending time with your family and friend in a such fantasy surrounding? No word is enough to describe this happiness. 

See more inspiring samples of the Day To Dusk conversion service edited by BeatColor on Facebook and Instagram.

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Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is no longer a strange technique for photograph insiders because of its undeniable benefits. Cost-efficient, fast, and convenient are three adjectives to describe this method. Obviously, a home with cool decor will attract more buyers than an empty “box” or a house filled with outdated furniture. Most property buyers agree that they tend to be more interested and close the deal faster if they can imagine how their life would be in a potential house.

At BeatColor, we have an available furniture library for any customer without ideas about renovating their home. Let us know what you want, and we’ll turn your idea into a product.

Check here – 3D Templates for Virtual Staging

Final Thoughts on Exterior Photography Editing

Photo Editing Services is 100% worth your penny. A specialist company will know how to process your exterior photography and perform its true beauty efficiently in a short time.

Looking for a reliable real estate photo editing company? We’d love to help! As a long-serving company in this realm, we are available 24/7 and always go the extra mile. Whether you are a real estate agent or photographer,  buying or selling, we shall take care of everything behind the scenes so you never have to leave work or change your schedule.

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