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Panaroma Image Stitching Service From BeatColor

By Amy Nguyen 28/05/2020

Visual effect is the key thing in selling home. Understand it, real estate agents always try to create new visual effects to be outstood from the competitors. In real estate market recently, panorama photos have been becoming a new trend thanks to the ability to capture entire scene in single picture. And in this today article, we will introduce to you our image stitching service which is used to create amazing panorama photos.


Panaroma Image Stitching Service From BeatColorPanorama photo is a photo which shows all the angles of the house, instead of only one angle like traditional photo in one single photo. To create a panorama photo, you need to stitch 2 or 3 or more photos together to get all the views included.


Image stitching is the process of combining multiple pictures and converting them into a single wide-angle picture. The process of combing images is not easy, it requires proper concentration to the details and expertise in latest photo editing software. And that is why many real estate agents tend to outsource image stitching service.


Panaroma Image Stitching Service From BeatColor

At BeatColor, we offer premium quality image stitching service for various photographers at cost-effective prices. Just need to send us your files, our professional artists will use the latest as well as the advanced Photoshop techniques to stitch your various input files into a single panoramic picture within a short turnaround time. Here are the techniques included in our service:

  • Stitching and adjusting vertical or horizontal photographs
  • Aligning, positioning, and blending correctly elements in the pictures
  • Removing spots, camera flashes, shadows and other unwanted objects
  • Stitching HDR and Fish-eye panorama, 360-degree virtual tour view
  • Rotating, resizing, and cropping images with color modifications
  • Enhancing the brightness and contrast
  • Inner and outer cylinder/ sphere panorama
  • Adjusting brightness and contrast
  • Correcting color and enhancing depth and definition to images


With the variety of panorama image stitching service provider on the market, it can be hard to find one your yourself. At BeatColor, we are proud to be one of the best panorama photo stitching service provider in Vietnam. And below are the reasons why you should choose us for image stitching service.

  • Our team includes highly-skilled, well-qualified and trained image stitching experts who can bring your photos to the next level
  • We offer high-resolution panoramic photos at affordable price and short turnaround time
  • We have our own system for easy uploading/downloading the photos. You also can track, communicate and make payment through the system
  • We have a team of quality checkers who assure to deliver you the final products without any errors
  • We have 24/6 dedicated customer support team who can support and solve your issues at any time
  • We always update and use latest software/tools to enhance the process techniques
  • We can provide your final Panoramic Image in your desired File format, viz., JPEG, TIFF, …

On outsourcing panorama image stitching project to us, you will be able to utilize the advantage of working with professionals. For more information or questions, please send email to

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