By Amy Nguyen 09/11/2017

Along with time, the developing of digital photography is ceaseless, which helps users experience more professional pictures than before. However, using only modern digital photography is not able to show off all sides of impressive beauty without post-shooting photo editing. So is the real estate photography. Attractive look and sophisticated appearance can undoubtedly increase the value of a property. That’s why a vast majority of the realtors, property developers, and real estate agents continuously look for attractive digital images which can negate the negativity and promote the plus points of their properties. Therefore, the duty of property photographers is not only shooting photos but also editing the photos to have the perfect pictures. Nowadays, most photographers tend to collaborate with online photo editing companies. So why do photographers need to outsource real estate photography editing? The answer is…

Time saving 

A 24-hour day sometimes is not enough for a professional real estate photographer. With long days of shooting and longer nights of editing, photographers might be exhausted, stressful and have no time for personal demands. Besides that the overall quality of their work may also not satisfy the clients and their reputation is affected alot. Therefore the decision to outsource the real estate photography editing is a great idea to save time and be able to expand their careers as well as other social relationships.

Cost saving

Photographers can save up to 60 percent, when they select an offshore outsourcing partner. To be more precise, the labor cost of a developing country is much lower than a developed country. Due to the difference in the currency value, they can get quality works at minimum cost.

Cutting-edge Tools and Technologies

Outsourcing real estate photography editing
Livingroom photography edited

Professional image editors and retouch professionals are familiar with the latest photo editing software, tools and technologies. Therefore, they can easily transform an unfurnished property to a fully furnished home with their creative touches called virtual staging. They decorate empty property lavishly to maximize the value of it. This helps the property owners earn a lucrative amount.

With these three main factors, It is obviously that outsourcing real estate photography editing service is a clever move for real estate photo business in particular and for real estate field in general.


Outsourcing Beatcolor as your post processing services provider, you will receive the following benefits:

– You can save your time with the short turnaround time thank to the benefit of time zone (24 hours)

– The price for real estate photo retouching service is super cheap from 0,5$ – an affordable price for all photographers whilt the quality still remains unchanged.

– Our customer service is available to support you until you are satisfied with our outputs (24/7)

– We offer 3 photos edited for trial without any fee (editing service only)

– Your private information or data will be kept in secret

– We use the latest image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS6, CoreIDraw to give you the most attractive photos

– We can work with all types of format such as: JPEG, TIFF, CAD, DXG, PSD,… and deliver to you your expected outputs.

Beatcolor is providing its services for over 10 countries in the world. Once working with Beatcolor, customers will be satisfied not only with top-world quality outcomes but also with whole-hearted services. For more information, feel free to contact:

Email: Contact@beatcolor.com

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