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Best Free Online Video Stabilizer software In 2021


At BeatColor, we offer real estate video editing service and one of the common requests we receive from clients is stabilizing the videos. Most videos get this issue, even when videographers use a gimbal or tripod.  And in this article today, we would like to share with you about the best free online video stabilizer […]

Staging A Bathroom – Initial Ideas For Renovation


The bathroom is getting more care from home-owners. Beyond the functional nature, more and more people like staging a bathroom into expansive, spa-like ensuites. It would be a relaxing place to awaken your senses, evoke emotions to melt away stress. To stage a bathroom fulfilling aesthetics and functionality, the first thing you have to do […]

Top 5 Most Popular Panorama Makers – From Basic To Advanced

5 Most Popular Panorama Makers

Stitching photos isn’t as difficult as we ever thought. Panorama makers make everything easier and simpler. It can stitch single exposures and HDR. Sharpness and seamless edges even exceed our expectations. This post gives you the top 5 most popular panorama makers. They are not only user-friendly interfaces but also produce stunning images. Panoramic Photography  […]

Best PC For Photo Editing In 2020 – In-Depth Review


The competition in computer technology among manufacturers increasingly matches with the need of customers. The purpose of computer invention is far different from the last decade. It doesn’t simply stop at office works. Nowadays, custom desktop computers are manufactured to meet different needs such as gamers, graphic designers, photo editors, video editors,…As for a photo […]

Emerging Real Estate Marketing Trends In 2021

Real Estate Marketing Trends 2021

Using the right marketing tools to attract potential home buyers and sellers are the successful keys. During 2020, marketing tools to boost real estate have been changed to adapt to the social distance. These changes forecast as Emerging Real Estate Marketing Trends 2021. In this post, we will show you top 6 creative emerging real […]

How To Photoshop Fire In Your Real Estate Photos

How To Photoshop Fire In Your Real Estate Photos

Your real estate photos which can convey the warmth and coziness definitely will be able to attract more clients. Understanding that, many home sellers want to light up the fireplace to create those feelings. If you want to photoshop fire in your real estate photos too, follow the below steps.  Step 1: Preparation You need […]


TV Screen Replacement

Working in the real estate photography editing field, we get a lot of requests asking us to replace the TV screen. So today, to help those who want to do TV screen replacement on their own but are wondering how to do it correctly, we decided to write this article to share the simple tips […]

What Is a Single Property Website And How to Utilize it?

single property website

In the world of the real estate industry, those who can make their properties stand out will be the winners. Understanding that, many real estate agents have been trying to market their listing as best as they can by utilizing updated technologies. One of them is single property website.  If you are wondering what a […]

A Complete Guide About Best Drones For Real Estate

Best Drones for Real Estate

“A picture is worth a thousand words ” is a quote in Real Estate. This statement is more accurate in the era of high technology. Stunning aerial photos and real estate drone videos are very appealing to home potential buyers. Its powerful effect makes drone as the latest marketing weapon in real estate. It showcases […]

Top Convincing Reasons for Outsource Video Editing

Outsource video editing

Video Editing is a must to have high effects on promotion & marketing campaigns. The importance of video content makes outsourcing video editing understandable. Many factors make video makers hesitate in outsourcing video editing services or try to edit by themselves. This article will show you top convincing reasons to outsource video editing service. 6 […]