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Real Estate Video Marketing – Essential Things You Should Know

By Amy Nguyen 20/05/2020

Video has been becoming the best marketing tool today. Thanks to the development of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sharing and distributing videos to more and more people is much easier than ever. Furthermore, we are living in the digital technology era, almost people have smartphone equipped with a camera. Shooting a short video is just a piece of cake.

So if creating and sharing a video to everyone is so easy, why don’t you create a real estate video to boost your selling? If you are reluctant, this article will show you the fact and clear guide to use real estate video marketing.

Here Are Some Stats That Prove Real Estate Agents Should Use Video Marketing

Real Estate Video Ideas

#1. Property Listing Video

This is a must-have video type when you are going to market your listing with videos. Listing video is the storyteller for home buyers. By sequencing and inserting real estate footages, photos and short text, you will be able to give all the information a home buyer need to know about the house. Don’t forget to add some effects such as speed ramp, special transition effect, background music to captivate your potential home buyers.

#2. Neighborhood Video

Neighborhood video should be included in your real estate video marketing strategy as an add-on. It helps to present all the amenities such as details about parks and recreation, transportation, shopping, schools, and more.

#3. Real Estate Drone Video Tours

Drone video tour offers a different perspective which no floorplan or ground shot can. It gives the viewers the opportunity to see the house from above. Home buyers also can see entirely the surroundings around the house.

#4. Realtor profile video

This type of video is to introduce you and your business to your protential clients. You can describe your personality and value proposition into a short video. While other realtors just show their headshot photos and a short description summary of experience, and you appear in a video, it will be a fantastic way to differentiate yourself from others.

#5. Live Videos and Ask Me Anythings (AMAs)

Thank to livestreaming feature of social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, you can hold a live video session to promote a property. Viewers can directly ask you questions or ask you to show what they want to see in the house. It would be a great chance to communicate with yout prospects too.

Tips To Shoot Better Marketing Videos

Now you have idea for your video, it is time to learn some tips to shoot better marketing videos

#1. Find the right equipment

If you just start shooting video, it is said that you no need to invest into expensive equipment. You can start with your smartphone. And when your videos start generating business, you can step up the game with better equipment.

#2. Brainstorm content

Brainstorming the content of your video is essential. You will know what you should say or introduce to your viewers. Preparing answer for every question you have been asked in your real estate career. Try to make your video informative and logical

#3. Clean the camera lens

Make sure your camera lens clean to have a clear scene when you shoot. It seems a simple task, but if you don’t pay attention to it, it can ruin all of your effort

#4. Get better audio

If you want to include your voice in your video, use a microphone that you can plug into your smartphone via USB port. Or if you record the voice later, you can use the headset mic. Then you can add your voice over to the video in post-processing step

#5. Light it up

When shooting video, it is a good idea to have more light in the room. If the room is too dark and when you edit your video, try to brighten it, the video will be noise. Open all the door to let the natural light in, if it is still dark, you can use ring light or turn on the internal lights.

#6. Include your logo and contact information

It is a must-do when you create videos to promote your real estate listings on social media and beyond. It is the important information for potential buyers, renters, or sellers know how to get in touch with you.

Having a text block with your name and phone number, email inside at the end of the video is a good idea. You also can add your logo as watermark throughout your video.

#7. Choose suitable background music

Simple, engaging, warm and relaxed music tone is what you should use for your video. You also can choose music which has suitable tune with your video pace. However, when choosing music, try to choose royalty-free music if you don’t want to pay money for copyright music

#8. Mind the video length

When shooting a video, you definitely want to capture every angle of the house. However, the viewers definitely don’t want to watch a video for more than 10 minutes.  Thus, the ideal duration of a real estate video would be between 3-7 minutes, and always under 10 minutes. If you post on your Instagram, it is ideal to have 1 – 2 minute videos.

#9. Edit your video before launching it

It is necessary to edit your video before sharing it. Your videos might contain distracting sounds, unwanted scenes and you need to cut it, sequence your seperated clips, add music, and effects. There are many video editing softwares on the internet, you can download them and learn how to use. If you don’t want to edit by yourself, you can have a video editing team to support.

Final Thought

Now, you might get some ideas and tips on how to create a video, go and make one! You also can create a video beyond the examples included here. If you need any support in real estate video editing, feel free to contact us!

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