What Is a Single Property Website And How to Utilize it?

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What Is a Single Property Website And How to Utilize it?

By Amy Nguyen 17/11/2020

In the world of the real estate industry, those who can make their properties stand out will be the winners. Understanding that, many real estate agents have been trying to market their listing as best as they can by utilizing updated technologies. One of them is single property website. 

If you are wondering what a single property website is and how to use it to advertise your property. This article is written for you! 

Now, let’s get started


Like Christies, Realtor.com, Zillow or MLSs (Multiple Listing Services), single property websites are the place where realtors or home sellers can showcase their listings’ information on the internet. However, single property websites offer more superiority than normal MLSs. Specifically, a single property website sits on a unique domain and it features a single property or individual unit. There is no place for other properties which can distract your viewers on your single property site. Only the information of your listing is shown to highlight your listing. You also can add information on the agent or brokerage selling the listing if you want your clients to see it. 


As mentioned above, a single property site is used to expose the listing on the internet. However, if it is just to give information about the listing to the viewers, why should we use single property listing instead of normal listing sites?

If you are having the same concern, check out the following reasons to see why we should choose single property websites for real estate?

#1. More Effective Promotions

If you are running digital campaigns to sell your property, a single property website is very essential. It will help your advertising campaigns run more effectively with lower costs. For example, when running a Google or Facebook campaigns, the relevance between the landing page and ad’s content is one of the main factors to define the success of your ads performance. If your landing page is a single listing website with all the detailed information of the listing you are advertising for, your ads will get high optimization scores, which helps to increase the performance of your campaign. 

#2. Increasing more sale

Using a single property site, you will have more space to customize your design, making it become a professional looking website and increase more sales. Once your potential clients get access to your site with stunning real estate images for websites processed by professional real estate photo editing companies, combined with inviting content and call to action buttons urging them to contact you, and no distractions from other listings, definitely they can not do anything else except for leaving you a message. 

#3.  Adding More Value

Unlike syndicated listing, individual sites allow you to put much more information and value to your clients. Not only is the information of the listing shown , but also the information of agents, brokers and financial partners can be displayed through sidebars or banners as well. Thanks to that, you can create trust for your prospects.  Furthermore, you also can link your site to your other listings to provide your potential buyers with more financial options. 


#1. Hosting and Domain Provider

Having a trusted hosting or domain provider for your single property site is very important. If you choose an unknown hosting provider, it can affect a lot to your site, specifically about the speed stability, flexibility and quality. Thus, it is suggested to use the same domain provider as your own website or create your single property page as a subdomain of your website. This way can create the authority and improve SEO for your main website as well. Or you can take a look at the list of best website builders for real estate, to choose the best one.

#2. Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is the important factor as well. You can use the name of the listing as the custom domain name. For example, 3911WillowWalkDr.com or 1201Geofrey.com, … It is also suggested to use the street address as the domain name to sell your listing to help promote your listing address on local search engines.

#3. Headlines and Descriptions

When creating a single property site, headlines and descriptions are what you should not miss. A few headlines, 1-2 paragraph summary description with keywords, all the selling points of amenities, ease of access included will make your listing more understandable. Besides, keywords in your header and description also help your website to be ranked better in search engines. 

#4. Pictures

The benefit of a single property site is you can showcase a full gallery of interior and exterior shots. You can design the layout to place the photos logically throughout the page, from the header to the title of the page. You also can add virtual tours,  video, floor plans, and 360 tours to your page to make it more appealing and impressive. 

#5. Call to action

Call to action buttons are really crucial when creating your single property site. It is the main conversion tool urging audiences to take action and contact you. 

There are few types of call to action options: 

  • Click to call (default): ask audience to contact you via phone number
  • Contact Form (default): encourage audiences to leave their information by filling the forms. Usually it contains name, email or maybe address fields.
  • Download a brochure: if you have brochures or documents which you can share, then this button is to urge audience to download your documents. 

Consider the purpose of your site and choose the right call to action. 

#6. Social Sharing

Social sharing is an add-on to your site. It helps your audience to share your site to their communities easily. 

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are quite popular. However, don’t forget other platforms such as Pinterest which many people are tending to look up DIY projects for their next home. The more sharing your site gets, the more potential clients your listing can reach. So why not include as many of the most popular social media platforms on your site as possible. 


We hope this article can help you to understand about single property websites and how to use it for your listings. If you are still wondering whether you should use it for each property or not, let’s think about the purpose you are targeting. If you do not want your clients to be distracted by other listings or your listing to be emerged in the sea of sale houses, a single property website is the perfect choice.

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