Virtual staging is a process of using Photoshop techniques to virtually furnish an empty room. Through virtual staging, a property can be filled with everything, from kitchen appliances to art or furniture. Walls can be painted and floors can be refinished, without the aid of a contractor. It can be said that virtual staging is slowly replacing traditional home staging and is fast becoming an integral ingredient in a successful sale.


Here are some must know tips for those who want to virtually stage the empty property for better sale.

Tip #1: Mind the photos

Virtual staging is mainly applied on photographs/video. Therefore, the quality and resolution of the final Virtual Staging product depends on the quality and resolution of the original photo. The higher the resolution, the better the outcome. Make sure that your camera is able to take the photo at the size and resolution that you need. 800 pixels wide in “.jpg” format is suggested.

Tip #2: Stage virtually all the main rooms


When purchasing a property, most customers want to gather as much information of the property as possible. Therefore, the more internal and external photographs of the house that you provide, the better. Rooms like the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the master bedroom and the master bathroom should be specifically done up and highlighted. Once you have virtually staged a house, you can take as many online photographs as possible and upload them. This will surely get you more prospective buyers.

Tip #3: Stage the house nobly

Not like staging house physically, virtual staging are done through some mouse clicks. Therefore, you can choose whatever styles you want to add to your empty houses. Due to its easiness and convenience, many home owners get a common mistake which is over staging the house. And as a result, the house can become unreal and less spacious. Moreover, you are staging your property for sale, therefore, make sure you are looking at the house under the eyes of home buyers not yours. Once you know customers taste, your sale will be very easy.

Tip #4: Avoid misrepresentation


One minus point of virtual staging is home owners can be involved in legal issue. When home owners show only alternative photos without any descriptions, then home buyers think they are real and purchase it.  However, when they visit the house, everything is totally different. There are no spotless walls, element furniture or gorgeous sofa… They will feel disappointed and cheated. They can sue the home owners for fraud. Therefore, when using virtual staging, home owners should be aware of misrepresenting the property. To avoid this problem, showing both before photos with empty rooms and after virtually staged photos. From that, customers will have a multi-dimensional perspective about the listing.

Tip #5: Ask help from professional

Virtual Staging requires Photoshop techniques, therefore not all people can do it well. There are some software that home owners can use to virtually stage the house. However, using software, the outcome might not be real and professional. One more tip here is when hiring a photographer, make sure he/she can do virtual staging or contain virtual staging service in his/her package. There are many photographers include this service in their package, therefore, why not ask this. Once you require, they will support you and give you the best advice. Think out of the box, don’t be afraid of paying some fee for that service. It’s worth a million dollar, indeed.

Hope that some simple tips can help you somehow. If you need any help about virtual staging, feel free to contact us. We will discuss and find the best solution for both.