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How To Make A Real Estate Video Go Viral

By Amy Nguyen 09/07/2020

Without a doubt, real estate video is the best way to attract more potential clients to your house. However, successfully filming and editing a real estate video are just a halfway to get full benefits from it.  The rest will depend on how you distribute the video to your target audience. And in today’s article, we will show you some simple tips to make your video viral and promote your business through videos.

What Makes a Real Estate Video Go Viral?

How To Make A Real Estate Video Go Viral

Creative: This is one of the most important factors to make your video viral. Creativity makes your video outstanding from others. It can wow your audience because of its originality and novelty.

Short: In this busy life, people tend to do everything very fast, so does watching a video. Therefore, a short video around 1 – 3 minutes will be easier to digest than a long video.
Shareable: When finding your video interesting, viewers want to share it to everyone. Try to make it shareable by adding the link in the description

Memorable: Making your video memorable is one of strategies to raise brand awareness. Home viewers can not be in need of agent’s help at the time they watch the video, but they will remember and contact you later. Using memorable music, catch-phrases, iconic images or parody artists or celebrities with your content can make your video easier to remember.

Simple Tips to Make Your Real Estate Video Go Viral

#1. Upload it to Youtube

According to Marketing statistics from Hubspot, each month there are over 2 billion logged-in users visit YouTube and every day people watch over a billion hours of video and generate billions of views. Furthermore, a study from NAR, Youtube is the top video research destination preferred by home buyers when shopping for a home. Basing on these statistics, it can be seen that Youtube is a wonderful place to distribute your videos to a vast number of potential clients. If you have not got a Youtube account, go for it and start sharing your videos to people all over the world now.

#2. Descriptions, Keywords and Hashtags

Descriptions, Keywords and Hashtags

Like other types of content, your real estate videos also need to have titles and descriptions with keywords included because search engines will base on them to distribute your videos to users. Your description can contain all information about the properties, location, features and contact information. Furthermore, you can use hashtag for specific terms such as city, state, zip code and even neighborhood and community name in description so that those who are not following you can discover your videos.

#3. Share, Share and share

When you have your video ready, it is time to share it to everyone. To get discovered easily by users and ranked highly on search engines, SEO experts suggest to post the videos in a variety of locations. Post your videos on your social media pages such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn … as well as on your own website and your local MLS.

#4. Create a catchy, branded thumbnail

Using an appealing thumbnail  can be ignored by many videographers, without knowing that it can play an important role in attracting viewers. For social media platforms which do not offer autoplay, thumbnails are the first impression with viewers. Therefore, using a stunning thumbnail is essential.

Do you find these tips useful? Start putting those in action to see whether it works with your business. In case you want to learn more about real estate video marketing, check out Real Estate Video Marketing: Essential Things You Should Know to get some ideas

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