Tips & Trick for real estate photography

How To Set Your Real Estate Videography Pricing?


Real estate videography is a powerful tool to grab the attention of prospective buyers and take their interest in the property. Whether you are selling a modern apartment, a cozy family house, or a rural property with gorgeous farmland, real estate videos are highly recommended thanks to their ability to cast the property vision.  Making […]

A Detailed Guideline About How Much To Charge For Real Estate Photography

How Much To Charge For Real Estate Photography

It must be a challenge for any photographer to price their services appropriately, and it is even more challenging to structure real estate photography pricing lists. If you are seeking a clear explanation and instruction on how much to charge for real estate photography, this concise article is on the way to help.  We will […]

A Comprehensive Guideline Of How To Photograph Real Estate


Photography is the photographers’ creativity and the art of arrangements in object, light, composition. So, in general, the topic of How To Photograph Real Estate is very broad and hard to convey enough in one post. This specific article walks you through some essential tips for taking real estate photos and storytelling your property. Let’s […]

4 Handy Tips For Home Office Staging


Social distancing measurements and a long time lockdown of Covid-19 create remote work trends. Undoubtedly, the future of the home workplace continues developing even post Covid-19. More than ever, staging home office is becoming increasingly vital to make us fully ready to work and productive enough to achieve the desired results. If you are going […]

Best Canon Lens For Real Estate Photography – Top Pick 2021

Best canon lens for real estate photography

On the internet of thing era, your likely home buyers rely on the real estate photos to convince themselves whether it is worth a call for action or not. More than ever, real estate photography plays an important role in showcasing the nice angles and outstanding beauty of the properties. To make it come true, […]

A Great Guideline Of Real Estate Photography Camera Settings

Real Estate Photography Camera Settings

Photography is the art of arrangement and creativity of photographers. Creativity, sensibility, and good knowledge about photography create artworks. There isn’t a common formula to get a piece of art. But, any beginner photographer should always start with familiarizing photography terms and testing with the guideline of camera settings, which are essential background before reaching […]

Twilight Real Estate Photography & The Way To Master Your Skills – Update 2021

Twilight Real Estate Photography

Wondering an effective method to boost sales and make your property stand out? Twilight Real Estate Photography is a simple cost-effective way but it is so alluring to the viewers. The high contrast between yellow or orange lamps and the dark blue of the evening sky enhance the perceived value and quality of a home. […]

A Straightforward Guide To Remove Shadows From Photos

Remove Shadows From Photos - Applied For Virtual Dusk

If you are seeking a straightforward guide to remove shadows from photos, this post is perfect to grab. It introduces how to use Patch Tool, Clone Tool, Magic Wand Tool combined with adjustment layers to remove shadow. Additionally, the article provides you practical tips, which we can take advantage of once shooting properties without leaving […]

Top Real Estate Photo Editing Apps – Recommended By Professional Photographers

Real Estate Photo Editing Apps

Photo editing apps have become more popular than ever before. Whether your photos are portraits, panorama photos, ect,…the apps work fine for you. Quick edit and small photoshop technique requirements make Photo Editing Apps usable for anyone.  Editing real estate photos by Real Estate Photo Editing Apps doesn’t make any exception. Its superior features such […]

Top Favourite Real Estate Photo Editing Software For A Quick & Easy Edit

Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software

The famous quote in Real Estate “A picture is worth a thousand words” emphasizes the importance of nice photos. In the era of app and software development, Real Estate Photo Editing Software quickly turns a normal image into a piece of art just through a few clicks. It doesn’t require more effort and techniques. Besides […]