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TV Screen Replacement

Working in the real estate photography editing field, we get a lot of requests asking us to replace the TV screen. So today, to help those who want to do TV screen replacement on their own but are wondering how to do it correctly, we decided to write this article to share the simple tips […]

What Is a Single Property Website And How to Utilize it?

single property website

In the world of the real estate industry, those who can make their properties stand out will be the winners. Understanding that, many real estate agents have been trying to market their listing as best as they can by utilizing updated technologies. One of them is single property website.  If you are wondering what a […]

A Complete Guide About Best Drones For Real Estate

Best Drones for Real Estate

“A picture is worth a thousand words ” is a quote in Real Estate. This statement is more accurate in the era of high technology. Stunning aerial photos and real estate drone videos are very appealing to home potential buyers. Its powerful effect makes drone as the latest marketing weapon in real estate. It showcases […]

Top Convincing Reasons for Outsource Video Editing

Outsource video editing

Video Editing is a must to have high effects on promotion & marketing campaigns. The importance of video content makes outsourcing video editing understandable. Many factors make video makers hesitate in outsourcing video editing services or try to edit by themselves. This article will show you top convincing reasons to outsource video editing service. 6 […]

5 Essential Tips In Real Estate Videography Creation

Real Estate Videography

Real Estate Videography is no doubt proved for its power in driving engagement. Statistic shows that: + Real Estate Listings including a video receives 403% more inquiries than those without according to Virtuets  + Click-through rate is up to 96% for introductory email according to Implix. In order make a successful real estate video, please […]

Staging Kids Bedroom When Selling Your Home

Staging homes for sale can be a rough process when selling your house, especially when you have a kids bedroom. The workload can be overwhelming and tiring. You will not only stage and clean the kids rooms to make them show-ready for potential buyers, but also keep the consistent home environment for your kids. Your […]

6 Tips to Upgrade Your Kitchen to Wow Your Home Buyers

Kitchen is considered one of the most important rooms when showcasing your house for sale. Therefore, when selling your house, you should not forget to do some touch-ups on this room. And if your kitchen has outdated features or appliances, it is time to make some upgrades. In this article, you will learn 6 tips […]

Should Real Estate Photographers List Their Price On The Website?

Should Real Estate Photographers List Their Price On The Website?

Listing price lists on the website or not is a controversial question in photography communities. Some agree to publicize the price, some are not. How about you? Are you going to post your price on your real estate photography website? If you are wondering, this article will show you the pros and cons of listing […]

Top 4 Best Weather Apps for Real Estate Photographers

Top 4 Best Weather Apps for Real Estate Photographers

Being a real estate photographer, you may have many concerns before shooting days. One of those concerns is the weather – which you can not control. To avoid the drawbacks of weather to shooting schedules, many photographers decide to follow mainstream weather reports or the standard weather channel apps. If you are also looking for […]

How to Reduce Noise in Your Real Estate Images

Noise photography

Noise in photography might be one of the most unexpected side effects, making your images look low quality. Nowadays, there is a lot of post-processing software available to help enhance images, but for the matter of noise, it is a very daunting task to remove as the images are easy to become watercolor paintings, especially […]