Tips & Trick for real estate photography

Preparing for a Real Estate Photo Shoot

Preparing for real estate photo shoot

In the entire selling process, the most anxious times can be the day photographers arrive to shoot and everything should be ready by the time. Actually, professional photographers are artists. They walk around the house, searching for the most important aspects of the house to show up for potential buyers. In other words, they need […]

Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

Tips for Shooting Real Estate Exteriors

Exterior shots of homes, apartments, and office buildings are usually the very first images that photographers encounter when they take a look at a real estate property when they search property listings online. That’s why it is necessary to get images of the highest quality, making all first impression a good one. There are two […]

Real Estate Photos Taking during the Period of COVID-19: Stay Safe and Useful

When the virus spreads, all aspects of our lives have been enormously affected and our working life gets much more difficult when the in-person interaction has been limited and social distancing is carried out. Of course, safety and our health are the most important. We should practice essential safety regulations to keep us safe at […]

Virtual Renovation – How It Helps To Sell Your House

Virtual Renovation - How it helps to sell home

“A picture is worth a thousand words” seems to be the popular quote when it comes to selling home. Home sellers understand that and try to showcase the full potential of their houses through quality photos. However, what will happen if selling a fixer-upper, a partially completed build or out-dated house? That might have been […]

Buy and Sell a Home During the COVID – 19 Outbreak

Spring is considered the hot time of the year to buy or sell a home. Many people choose spring because it fits nicely with the school calendar. However, this year, things have been changed dramatically due to the COVID – 19 outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the real estate market […]

How To Make A Real Estate Video Go Viral

How To Make A Real Estate Video Go Viral

Without a doubt, real estate video is the best way to attract more potential clients to your house. However, successfully filming and editing a real estate video are just a halfway to get full benefits from it.  The rest will depend on how you distribute the video to your target audience. And in today’s article, […]

Virtual Staging For Real Estate : All You Need To Know

Home staging is proven to boost sales when it comes to selling houses, especially empty houses. Unfortunately, to do physical home staging, it is very expensive and time consuming. And Virtual Staging was born as a formidable technological advancement in home staging techniques. It allows real estate agents to easily, inexpensively, and quickly turn an […]

Important Virtual Staging Rules

virtual staging rules

When it comes to real estate marketing tools, home staging is considered at the top of the listing. It is because buyers often find it hard to imagine how their life will be in an empty house. If you show a warm and inviting space, they are more likely to make a purchase for it. […]

Why Can “Flambient” Method Make Your Real Estate Photography Beautiful?

flambient shot

As the name suggests, it is a method of real estate photography that combines flash and ambient shots in photos. It is a new method but had the fastest growth thanks to its outstanding benefits. That’s is how most our clients apply if they want to highlight the best features of properties, adding color, contrast, […]

Check out Top Virtual Staging Software for Real Estate Photos in 2020

Among real estate photographers and agents, although it is a new trend in selling houses, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the virtual staging method that has been proved to help enhance the sales, becoming one of the most used marketing tools. In this article, we would like to share with you the […]