Top 5 Unskippable Real Estate Photography Trends 2023

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Top 5 Unskippable Real Estate Photography Trends 2023

By Ly Bui 30/01/2023

Taking advantage of Real Estate Photography Trends 2023 and adapting to the audience’s interest significantly allows you to stay ahead of other competitors. Under the current uncertainty around the property market from the last two quarters of 2022,  professional listing marketing is increasingly vital to generate more leads and boost sales. 

By that fact, the real estate photography’s updates, such as vertical shots, detailed shots, virtual tours, and high cost-effectivenesses like virtual staging and drone photography, predictably remain its tendency in the 2023’s real estate marketing. 

The Best 5 Real Estate Photography Trends 2023

Vertical Shots

The explosive growth of social media over recent years, especially Instagram and Pinterest, which favor vertical images, dramatically increased the use of vertical photography. This trend remarkably adapts to the increasing use of mobile phone users.

Vertical shots are usually detail shots to give viewers a better sense of the home’s design, while horizontal images can not bring that feel to them. 


Detailed Shots

The rise of vertical photography, consequently, arises from the popularity of posting detailed shots. They reflect the homeowner’s personality and bring artistic feelings into still photographs. For example: presenting four detailed hero images according to Facebook’s layout design significantly increases the post’s aesthetics. As a result, you have more viewers and clicks to the content. 

detailed shot real estate photo editing beatcolor

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging remains the favorite trend in 2023. This fast and cost-effective solution saves time and effort while turning an empty room photo or an outdated photo into a cozy yet fully-furnished living space.

At BeatColor, 3D specialists leverage their wide-ranging interior and exterior design ideas for every project. We specialize in 3D architectural visualization, from staging and furniture replacement to remodeling. From vacant room staging to virtual renovation and remodeling, our works reflect craftsmanship. Creative manipulation, meticulous attention to detail, and professionalism are the outstanding qualities that allow us to stand out from others. 

Customers can freely choose digital models for our post-production or lean on our expertise to illustrate their dreamful home from ideas to paper. 


Virtual Tours

Like virtual staging, the virtual tour is a terrific solution, combining 3D and video. 

Virtual tours give viewers a real sense of the room size, layout, and furniture. More importantly, this fast application saves potential home buyers time in an accurate inspection while still giving them a proper understanding of the house.

Drone Real Estate Photography

Drone is getting more popular in 2023 thanks to a more reasonable expense. It is perfect for showing off the property’s unique features, the entire landscape, and especially its location in relation to other city landmarks.

Nowadays, even without a luxury property, you can still use aerial photography to inspire viewers and give them more about your house. 



We hope you find the post of Real Estate Photography Trends 2023 applicable. It provides you the professional digital real estate marketing. Despite virtual staging, virtual tours,s and drone real estate photography becoming very familiar with realtors, no other marketing materials can replace them. They continue to be the major factors in the 2023 trend.  

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