Optimal Times for Exterior Real Estate Photography Success

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Optimal Times for Exterior Real Estate Photography Success

By Keila Ngo 19/06/2024

Exterior real estate photography is crucial for making properties stand out. The right timing and editing can significantly impact how potential buyers perceive a property. Understanding when to shoot and how to enhance your photos can make all the difference.

To assist you get the most out of every photograph, we’ll go over the ideal times to capture exterior real estate photos in this piece. We’ll also go over five quick adjustments that you can do to improve your photos after post-processing.

Now let’s get started!

The Ideal Timing for Exterior Real Estate Photography

Choosing the right time for exterior real estate photography is essential. Different times of day and weather conditions can dramatically affect your photos.

1. Golden Hour

The golden hour occurs just after sunrise and before sunset. This time offers soft, warm light that is perfect for photography. The shadows are long and gentle, highlighting the property’s features beautifully. The warm tones can make a home appear more inviting and attractive. It’s a favorite time for photographers due to the stunning natural light.

exterior real estate photography

2. Late Morning/Early Afternoon

Late morning or early afternoon (around 10 am to 2 pm) can be good times for photography, depending on the property’s orientation. During these times, the sun is high enough to illuminate the property without creating extreme shadows. This time frame can work well if you need to show the property in bright, natural light. Just ensure the sun’s position complements the property’s best angles.

exterior real estate photography

3. Overcast Sky

An overcast sky provides even, diffused light. This type of lighting is ideal for avoiding harsh shadows and bright highlights. It helps to capture more detail in the shadows and highlights. Cloudy conditions can also add a dramatic effect, making the property look unique and intriguing. Plus, the even lighting ensures the colors are more true to life.

exterior real estate photography

4. Avoid Mid-Summer

Although summer seems like the best season to capture photographs, it’s actually the most difficult. The sun is often too high, creating harsh shadows and overly bright highlights. The intense light can wash out colors, making the property look less appealing. Additionally, the heat can be uncomfortable for both the photographer and any potential viewers of the property. It’s best to avoid midday summer shoots if possible.

exterior real estate photography

5. Spring and Fall

Spring and fall offer excellent conditions for exterior photography. In spring, the blossoming flowers and fresh greenery can enhance a property’s appeal. Fall provides a rich palette of colors with changing leaves, making properties look warm and welcoming. Both seasons typically have mild weather, which is ideal for capturing photos without harsh light.

exterior real estate photography

5 Edits to Create Stunning Exterior Real Estate Photography

Post-processing is essential for creating captivating real estate photos. These edits can enhance the property’s appeal and ensure the photos look professional.

1. Image Enhancement

Image enhancement is the first step in post-processing. Saturation, contrast, and brightness adjustments can have a significant impact. Brightening a photo can make it look more inviting. Increasing contrast can help highlight architectural features. Enhancing saturation can make the colors pop, making the property more eye-catching. This basic editing step is crucial for making your photos stand out.

real estate photography
real estate photography
Edited Image by BeatColor

2. Day-to-Dusk Editing

Day-to-dusk editing transforms a daytime photo into a stunning dusk shot. This technique adds warmth and ambiance to the image. The soft glow of the lights and the rich colors of the sky create a magical effect. This type of editing is perfect for showcasing the property’s exterior lighting. It can make the property look more luxurious and inviting.

twilight real estate photography
Day-to-Dusk Conversion by BeatColor

3. Object Removal

Sometimes unwanted objects can spoil an otherwise perfect shot. Removing these objects can make the photo cleaner and more professional. This could include removing trash cans, parked cars, or other distractions. The result is a more polished and appealing image.

Rather than object removal, some sellers would want to liven up an otherwise empty space. It’s acceptable to use small details like a fire in a fireplace, a movie still from a TV screen, or flowers in an empty vase to create cozier and more welcoming images.

With our expertise in complex object removal and small additions, BeatColor’s talented real estate editors can help you quickly produce exceptional photographs.

real estate photography
Objects Removal by BeatColor

4. Sky Replacement

A dull or overexposed sky can detract from an otherwise great photo. Replacing the sky can dramatically improve the image. A bright blue sky or a dramatic sunset can enhance the overall appeal. This editing technique helps to ensure every photo looks perfect, regardless of the weather during the shoot. It’s a simple yet effective way to improve your photos.

real estate photography
Sky Replacement from BeatColor

5. Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a powerful tool for exterior real estate photography. It allows you to add landscaping elements or outdoor furniture digitally. This can help potential buyers envision how they might use the space. Adding a virtual patio set or a well-kept garden can make a property look more attractive. It’s an effective way to showcase the property’s potential without physical staging.

virtual staging
virtual staging
Virtual Staging Product by BeatColor

Final thoughts

In conclusion, timing and editing are crucial in exterior real estate photography. By choosing the right time to shoot and applying effective edits, you can significantly enhance the appeal of a property. Whether it’s capturing the warm light of the golden hour or transforming a daytime shot into a stunning dusk scene, these tips will help you create captivating real estate photos that stand out.

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