Twilight Real Estate Photography & The Way To Master Your Skills – Update 2021

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Twilight Real Estate Photography & The Way To Master Your Skills – Update 2021

By Ly Bui 29/08/2021

Wondering an effective method to boost sales and make your property stand out? Twilight Real Estate Photography is a simple cost-effective way but it is so alluring to the viewers. The high contrast between yellow or orange lamps and the dark blue of the evening sky enhance the perceived value and quality of a home. It also captivates the eye with another aesthetic appearance, which is different from daytime photography. 

The concise post presents background information about Twilight Real Estate Photography along with Top Tips for twilight shooting & editing. 

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twilight real estate photography
Twilight Real Estate Photography
Twight light photo

Twilight Real Estate Photography

The enchanting moments of twilight are so appealing and inspiring to viewers. It goes into the photography, poetry, and music of countless artists. Although this magical time lasts approximately 20-30 minutes, through the creativity of photographers, the beauty of nature becomes so eye-catching and memorable.

Such a beautiful light effect only occurs before the sunset, when the sun drops quickly down toward the horizon. It creates a spectacular glow of lights. It is undoubted that the stunning effect also leverages real estate photography. Many statistics reported that home searchers are more likely to click on the listing featuring twilight shots. 

The inviting interior, the absence of shadow, and a cinematic sunset on the background are composed together to make the house stand out. It resonates with everyone about the shelters, reunion, love, etc…It makes homebuyers easily envision how their life is carrying on in the new house. 

drone twilight
Drone Twilight

Twilight Real Estate Photography Tip For Shooting

The unforgettable impression about the real estate pictures captured under twilight keeps photographers and realtors always desiring. Actually, many photographers also use Twilight Real Estate Photography as a proven thing for their skill and creativity. Twilight photography delivers immense value and can significantly impact ROI. That’s why Twilight Real Estate Photography becomes a strong marketing weapon to upsell properties. 

Despite many factors affecting the results of twilight photography, the most essential techniques & top tips professionals and amateurs should be equipped and practice daily are: 

  • Scout out the best spots and angles before the golden hour. 
  • Using larger apertures like f/1.2 f/1.4, or f/1.8.
  • Turning the interior lights on. 
  • Be patient  until getting the best balance between interior and exterior lighting. 
  • A Tripod due to slower shutter speed & multiple exposures shooting.
  • Using a flash to light-up dark walls, plants,…
  • Shooting RAW for the best post-production.
  • Setting a low ISO, like 100 to 320.
  • Manual shooting mode or aperture mode if you want to keep the aperture fixed.
Twilight photography

How To Edit Twilight Photos In Photoshop? 

Twilight Real Estate Photography Shooting Tips assist you in getting the most desired photo frame. To fully grab the viewer’s attention, you still need to proceed with raw files in Photoshop. Now, let’s show you the basics of Twilight Editing

Step 1: Choose the  best 3 ambient shots:

The 1st shot has the best light overall.

The 2nd shot features the nicest window details and light fixtures clearly.

The 3rd shot contains the best blue sky.

Step 2: Export 3 shots selected to Bridge or Lightroom.

Step 3: Adjust the White Balance & Brightness of the 1st shot to use it as the foreground exposure.

Step 4: Adjust White Balance and necessary edits to enhance the window color & its details and interior lights from the 2nd shot. 

Enhance the blue sky from the 3rd shot.

Step 4: Merge window and light fixtures of the 2nd shot to the first shot. This step produces a merged layer. 

Step 5: Merge the sky of 3rd shot into the merged layer. 

Step 6: Final adjustments and sharpen the image to get the most aesthetic look. 

Twight light photo
night real estate

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed the post with the concise information provided. As the leading in Real Estate Photo Editing, BeatColor has more than 5-years of experience in assisting global professional photographers in enhancing their shots, especially Twilight Real Estate Photography. 

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