Virtual Renovation – How It Helps To Sell Your House

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Virtual Renovation – How It Helps To Sell Your House

By Amy Nguyen 22/07/2020

“A picture is worth a thousand words” seems to be the popular quote when it comes to selling home. Home sellers understand that and try to showcase the full potential of their houses through quality photos. However, what will happen if selling a fixer-upper, a partially completed build or out-dated house? That might have been a headache question in the past. For now, it is very easy thanks to the help of virtual renovation.

What Is Virtual Renovation ?

Unlike virtual staging, virtual renovation is not simply about adding virtual furniture to the photos of empty rooms, it can do further than that. It can be used to virtually finish the uncompleted houses, remove the existing layouts of the houses and add new ones. Its possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination.

Are Virtual Renovation Photos An Effective Tool To Help Sell Homes?

Same as virtual staging, the purpose of using virtual renovation is to present the house in the best look and be able to attract more potential buyers. All is done digitally and no physical changes are made. Thus, the cost is much cheaper, while the quality is similar.

Domingo Perez Jr. of Warburg Realty shared that one of his apartments that had been on the market for eight months, then he decided to add virtual renovation photos in the listing—and had an all-cash offer in 53 days.

How To Use Virtual Renovation To Attract Home Buyers ?

Virtual Renovation - How It Helps To Sell Your House

First, you need to have photos of your rooms which you want to apply virtual renovation. You can have professional photographers to shoot from specific angles from outside and inside the home, or you can do it yourself with your phone. However, make sure your phone does not offer too low resolution. When shooting the photos, try to make the room as bright as possible so that the photos can include all the little details with less noise. You also can shoot several angles from the room to have more choices when applying virtual renovation.

After having the photos ready for virtual renovation, send it to the virtual artists and give them your description of how you want the room to be. They will follow and send back the photos of the room you want within 1 or 2 day business.

Virtual Renovation - How It Helps To Sell Your House

When you have virtual renovation photos ready, it is time to publish it for everyone. Perez shared that he printed it as posters and placed it at the open house so everyone can see it and imagine the space. However, to avoid any misleading, it is necessary to disclose the current condition of the home by adding before and after photos.


Virtual renovation is incredible magic. It can transform your house from drab to fab in an instant. If you are not sure about it, why not give it a try to see how magical it is. At BeatColor, we offer virtual renovation service, feel free to contact us  for more information.

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