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Virtual Staging

BeatColor’s virtual staging services assures to create a photorealistic three-dimension simulation of the property in onlyaround 24 hours. Special requests with adjusted delivery time shall be informed in advance. To even save your precioustime, you can choose furniture models right from our diverse library. It allows us to accentuate the currently empty roomwith eye-grabbing accessories and completely renovate unsightly spaces with on-trend items. Skillfully handlinginterior to exterior staging and from residential to commercial spaces, BeatColor shall be the only all-inclusiveservice you need.

How we do?

1Determine the request
2Opt for the appropriate furniture style
3Recreate the space in 3-Dimensional
4Set layout for all furniture and accessories
5Set up the correct and true-to-life lighting
6Place the accurate horizon and camera views
7Render a fully-furnished room set
8Go through smooth post-production

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