Tips & Trick for real estate photography

Top 10 Best Floor Plan Software for Real Estate Agents

Whether you want to see the layout of your furniture before remodelling or you want to show the layout of your house for your home buyers. Floor plan is what you need. Instead of sketching your layout design on paper, there are numberous home floor plan tools which can help you out. What is floor […]

Different packages in Photo Editing Service

As all of you know, Real Estate Photo Editing contains a lot of different techniques with different levels. Depending on each requirement of output photos, there will be specific packages for it. In our Photo Editing service, we divide the packages into 4 separated ones: Basic – Standard – Upper Standard – Premium. The price […]

Common file formats in Photography

Specializing in Real Estate Photography, you may know clearly which file format is the most suitable with your photos and your purposes. However, for newbies, it would be a bit confused to define the right file formats to save the photos for certain purposes. And being the people who edit your photos, we need to […]

Get started with Real Estate Video Production

You have perfect real estate website and have published plenty of professional and stunning real estate photos. But it seems your content doesn’t attract more viewers as you expected. So why not try a new content format – Real Estate Videography which has been proving its effectiveness through an overwhelming number of statistics. If you’re telling […]

Real Estate Video Editing from BeatColor

Video is rapidly becoming one of the most important marketing tools in a real estate market when today’s life is too busy for buyers to have time to read long listing descriptions or click on each image to see. The modern customer wants to see the product in action, especially in Real Estate Market. As […]


HAPPY US LABOR DAY! Sharing the same joy and happiness with US citizens on Labor Day, Beat Color is pleased to launch a Sale Off campaign up to 20% for all Virtual Staging Orders from 20th August to 3rd September (US time). Specifically, Beat Color will offer:    – 10% OFF for new customers who […]


Home staging is an important preparation before selling home, especially when it comes to selling empty houses. In the past, home staging is something very expensive and time-consuming. However, in today technology, home staging becomes much easier than before with virtual home staging. Like traditional staging, a theme of furniture style is very important. However, […]

How real estate photo retouching shorten your home selling process?

Being a real estate photographer, perhaps you have ever shooted some properties which are not ready for photography. Some photographers will reschedule the shoot to wait until the homes are ready. In the meanwhile, some photographers with time constraints will have to shoot with its best performance, then try to fix it later on Photoshop. […]

Floor Plan Sketch Conversion From BeatColor

You want to show the layout or the flow of the property for your potential home buyers. But all you can do is creating a hand-drawn floor plan. No worry! Outsourcing floor plan sketch conversion service from Beat Color, you will get exactly what you want! What is Floor Plan Sketch Conversion? Floor Plan Sketch […]

Floor Plan for Real Estate: Why should use?

          Floor plan is not a new term in real estate market. Many realtors or home owners started to take advantage of floor plan as an additional factor in their marketing strategy. While real estate photographs bring viewers a clear look about each room of the property, floor plan offers actual […]