What Is Real Estate Photo Enhancement And Why Do You Need It?

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What Is Real Estate Photo Enhancement And Why Do You Need It?

By Gina Lam 27/01/2024

Real Estate Photo Enhancement is increasingly essential in the real estate market, since it is one of the most powerful tools utilized by real estate realtors and photographers to draw potential buyers’ intentions into inquiring about homes that align with their needs. 

This article today will give you a brief inside of this process, what it can help, and some helpful answers to frequently asked questions for beginners.

What Is Real Estate Photo Enhancement?

First and foremost, if you are just a tenderfoot, knowing the definition of real estate photo enhancement is a must.  

To begin with, real estate photo enhancement refers to a post-processing process that improves the attractiveness and quality of real estate photos for marketing purposes. This process involves the help of editing software to correct the natural scene and deliver further expectations from the sellers.


An Example Of Real Estate Photo Enhancement

The correction includes some key features such as:

1. Color Correction: means restoring the true color of the details.

2. Brightness and Contrast Adjustment: ensures the right balance of brightness of the features of the properties without losing detail.

3. Image Straightening And Cropping: corrects the alignment and orientation of a photograph, which includes Horizon and Vertical Alignment.

4. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Blending: combines multiple exposures of the same captures to show a natural light of details. 

5. Image Sharpness Enhancement: ensures that everything in the property looks crisp and well-defined. 

6. Sky Replacement: Photographers cannot always take photos when the weather is beautiful. Thus, real estate photo enhancement comes here to do this magic.

7. Object Removal/ Retouching: Removes any distracting or unwanted objects from the images, such as reflections, trash, or code.

8. Virtual Staging: means adding digital furniture in empty rooms to help potential buyers envision possible usage of the space, helping them connect with the property.


An Example of Virtual Staging Editing

Why Do You Need It?

There are 3 key reasons why this process is crucial.

Increase The Visual Attractiveness

One of the vital advantages of real estate photo enhancement is boosting the visuals of the properties. It happens to all real estate photos that the raw shots cannot 100% capture the nature of the view. Mistakes like lens distortion, improper staging, color casting, tilting, and so on are inevitable. That is why to own better real estate photos, editing is becoming a must-have process. With an excellent editing job into a bargain, the enhancement process is able to convey the atmosphere and sellers’ narratives into the photo appearance.

Strengthen The Trustworthy Impression 

In addition, well-executed real estate photo editing enhances the overall professionalism of the photos, instilling a sense of credibility and trust in buyers. In the highly competitive real estate market, the image of a well-groomed home gradually becomes the basic standard that every real estate broker aims for. On the other hand, poorly presented or unappealing photos leave a misleading untrustworthy impression, automatically leading to decreased interest in the property. 

Boost Real Estate Business


Real Estate Photos Enhancement Will Boost Real Estate Business 

Last but not least, having excellent real estate photo enhancement will increase sales faster. In the past, people used to find their homes in newspaper ads or by word of mouth. However, games changed. As Fox Business reveals, 97% of homebuyers browse for properties on the internet before going on a real visit. As a result, in the speedy digital age, high-quality and visually appealing on the showcase is the primary way to expose potential customers; and doing a beyond-standard real estate photo enhancement will help them stand out from the competitors, then increase the number of customers eventually.

Frequently Asked Questions?

After understanding the definition of the importance of real estate photo enhancement, there must be many insights about this topic expected to be revealed. But within the confines of this article, we only explore some of the most common questions.


How To Speed Up Your Real Estate Photo Enhancement Process?

The best solution to this question is to collaborate with seamless real estate photo editing services. The reason is because editing photos alone can take up hours. Thus, having someone else commit to a part of the work is truly time-saving. Editors will point out details that need more improvements and ensure the final result appears natural and realistic while the photographers take a rest. 

Another reason is that working with editors helps deliver top-grade quality. There is no doubt that photo editing services are experts in their jobs. So, even if the photographers know how to adjust their shots, it is unlikely that they can outstand the professionals. Since outsourcing worth the trade-off, big photography companies continue to work with photo editors for real estate, rather than keeping everything in-house. 

How Can AI Enhance The Quality Of Real Estate Photography?

With the incredible cut-edging of the 4th industrial revolution, people started applying real estate AI photo enhancers to do some basic tasks. On the other hand, despite being a supportive tool, AI algorithms often produce unrealistic results or misrepresent entire properties, leading to a disappointment for potential buyers. Thus, at the end of the day, a top-quality photo still requires the care of editing experts. 


A Comparison Between The Results Of AI Editing And Professional Editing

The Best Real Estate Photo Editing Service?

For photographers aiming to streamline their Real Estate Photo Enhancement with top-notch editing, collaborating with a professional team like BEATCOLOR  is a brilliant choice. 

With years of experience in the field, BEATCOLOR excels in efficiently handling tasks, offering a swift 24-hour turnaround with a price starting from US $0.7. Instead of spending time fine-tuning photos, people can upload their work, and receive the awesome results done by BEATCOLOR within a day.


Beatcolor – Real Estate Photo Editing Service

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Final Thoughts

Real estate photo enhancement, in today’s digital landscape, plays a critical role in conveying the luxury vibrancy to potential buyers from the convenience of their fingertips. This is particularly crucial in our dynamically evolving digital environment. For unparalleled quality, wonderful service, and affordability, you can rely on BeatColor to elevate your real estate images.

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