What Cameras Do Real Estate Agents Use And 2024 Top Recommendations?

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What Cameras Do Real Estate Agents Use And 2024 Top Recommendations?

By Gina Lam 29/02/2024

Real Estate Agents always want to find cameras that can take the best quality photos. The type of camera that real estate agents should use depends on various factors, including budget, skill level, image quality, and their specific needs.

Today’s article will list the top five most popular types of cameras in REP and some top picks for each type.

The Advantages Of the 5 Common Cameras That Real Estate Agents Use

To begin with, DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras are the most popular comparators for the cameras that real estate agents use. They are equally favored by professionals. However, with the unprecedented technological change, Drone, Point-to-shot, and Smartphone Cameras are embarking on.

1. DSLR Cameras – Best Camera For Real Estate Photography and video

First of all, DSLR cameras, short for Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras, use digital sensors to record the view that is converted from the light passing through the lens and mirror. DSLR cameras have many good points for agents’ needs.

  • Exceptional image quality: with larger sensors and interchangeable lenses, they capture images with greater detail, sharpness, and color accuracy compared to other types of cameras for real estate agents.
  • Manual controls: DSLRs provide good control over settings such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity, allowing realtors to experiment with different techniques and results.

2. Mirrorless Cameras – One Of The Best Camera For Real Estate Agents Use

Speaking from the name, mirrorless cameras refer to cameras that help take photos without using a reflex mirror in the camera body.

  • Compact/ lightweight: ideal for transporting between shooting locations. 
  • Sharp quality: the absence of a mirror mechanism means these cameras produce less noise and vibration during operation, resulting in sharper images. 
  • Real-time preview: mirrorless cameras offer correct real-time previews of shots. This setup enables fine-tuning settings before capturing it.

3. Drone Cameras – Camera For Aerial Photography

Drone cameras are small cameras specifically designed for use of drone shots to complete multiple tasks, including taking photographs, recording videos, and carrying objects. 


An Example Of Drone Camera Innovative Results

  • Best camera for real estate photography and video from the aerial view: this function helps fully present the property’s layout, surrounding landscape, as well as, other angles that traditional photography cannot achieve.
  • They are also time-efficient as they can cover large areas in a short amount of time. 

4. Point-And-Shoot Cameras – Best Affordable Camera For Real Estate Photography

Point-and-shoot cameras (compact cameras) are designed for simplicity and ease of use with their fixed lenses, built-in flashes, and automated functions that handle various settings. These cameras are typically suitable for real estate agents who prefer a straightforward approach to photography. 

  • Portability: the compact size makes compact cameras easy to carry around during property tours or when shooting in tight spaces.
  • Convenience: they also offer a user-friendly interface with automatic modes that can produce decent results without extensive knowledge.
  • Affordability: compared to professional equipment, they are significantly cheaper, more accessible to those on a budget.

5. Smartphone Cameras – Alternative Camera Choice For Real Estate Agents

Last but not least, Smartphone cameras require a low entrance, that may suitable for many beginners.

  • Convenience and accessibility: real estate agents can easily capture photos with just a few taps on their phones, eliminating the need for expensive equipment and specialized training.
  • Quickly marketing: smartphone cameras allow for instant sharing and editing. With various real estate photography editing apps, realtors can quickly edit and upload images to online listings or social media platforms.

The Disadvantages Of The 5 Common Cameras That Real Estate Agents Use

Besides the positive aspects, all of the above cameras have drawbacks that need more consideration.


Bulky Drawback Of DSLR Cameras

1. DSLR Cameras 

For DSLR Camera, they have four signature drawback

  • Bulkiness: due to their complex internal larger sensor system, it is harder to transport a DSLR between the shooting spots.
  • Price: DSLRs can be expensive, especially when considering the cost of both the camera body and lenses.
  • Technique: they require a certain level of technical skill to operate effectively.
  • Incorrect preview: DSLRs have an optical viewfinder. Realtors must take a photo to check if the exposure is correct first.

2. Mirrorless Cameras

  • Low battery: their limited battery life compared to DSLRs. The electronic viewfinder used in mirrorless cameras consumes significant power, leading to shorter shooting sessions before recharging batteries.
  • Limit lens choice: within advancements in recent years, the lens selection for mirrorless systems still lags behind that of DSLRs. Many high-grade lenses are not yet available for mirrorless cameras.
  • Price: one of the most expensive types of cameras.

3. Drone Cameras 

  • Legal issue: the legal restrictions on flying drones happen in certain areas due to safety concerns or privacy issues.
  • Expert skills: operating drones requires expertise that not everyone possesses. Inexperienced operators usually struggle with controlling the camera.

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4. Point-And-Shoot Cameras

  • Limited control over settings: in low-light situations, the result is in subpar quality.
  • Small sensor: these cameras often produce smaller sensors compared to DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, which refuse to generate sharp and crisp images.

5. Smartphone Cameras

The major problem coming from Smartphone cameras is the uncertain quality of release photos. Despite the innovation, the lack of settings control continues to represent the property’s features inaccurately in low-light or wide-angle situations.

2024 Top Recommendations For Cameras That Real Estate Agents Use

After understanding the pros and cons of each type of camera. Here are the most popular choices.

1. DSLR Cameras – Top Pick: EOS Rebel SL3

With outstanding features and an eye-catching appearance, this DSLR camera is considered the most affordable camera for real estate photography with a rotating screen, widely beloved by real estate agents.

The major limitation of this camera is that when filming, the limit time is only 30 minutes.


Top DSLR Cameras – EOS Rebel SL3 – The Best Canon Camera For Real Estate Photography

2. Mirrorless Cameras – Top Pick: Sony A7 IV

As the most chosen mid-range Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable camera, the Sony A7 IV has always proven itself to be a great camera for real estate agents. The performance of the Sony A7 IV even meets the most flexible requirements.

On the other hand, this type of camera witnesses the common limitations of Mirrorless cameras in terms of battery, lens, and cost. When recording video, users may also experience overheating and time-limiting issues.


Top Mirrorless Cameras – Sony A7 IV – The Best Sony Camera For Real Estate Photography

3. Drone Cameras – Top Pick: DJI Air 3

The DJI Air 3 received praise for its high-quality camera, advanced obstacle avoidance, and intelligent flight modes. Its compact design and portability were also appreciated. However, users may find the price relatively high, wishing for more camera flexibility, and noted the absence of side collision sensors.


Top Drone Cameras – DJI Air 3  – The Best DJI Drone For Real Estate Photography

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4. Point-And-Shoot Cameras – Top Pick: Sony RX100 VII

Sony RX100 VII has a huge advantage in quality compared to its peers, although prices are not the best budget camera for interior photography.


Top Compact Cameras – RX100 VII – The Best Sony Compact For Real Estate Photography

5. Smartphone Cameras – Top Pick: iPhone 13 Promax

Despite many controversies, the iPhone 13 Promax is still the most used smartphone. Up to now, the quality of this phone can be comparable to any model at a more affordable price.


Top Smartphone – iPhone 13 Pro Max – The Best iPhone For Real Estate Photography

Final Thoughts

Picking a suitable camera for real estate agents to use is very important. Although the aforementioned cameras are the signature choice for realtors, it is important for them to consider their plan budget, skill level, expected quality, and specific needs before making a purchasing decision.

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