Real Estate Drone Photography Pricing in 2023 (The Newest Updates)

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Real Estate Drone Photography Pricing in 2023 (The Newest Updates)

By Keila Ngo 25/09/2023

As drone photography has become a game-changer in today’s real estate market, it’s a must for realtors and photographers to catch the newest updates for real estate drone photography pricing well.

In this concise article, we’ll closely examine how much it is to decide the cost of real estate drone photography if you’re a drone pilot and what reasonable real estate drone pricing is to pay when requiring drone services. 

Real Estate Drone Photography Pricing 2023

There are many ways to figure out real estate drone photography pricing. Each real estate photographer or real estate agent can consider the suggestions below and decide which best matches your needs. 

Quote Real Estate Drone Photography Pricing Per Project

The average real estate drone photography pricing could range from $100 to $400 per project. Usually, the result should consist of 5 to 15 high-resolution images or a video included sometimes.

Note:  The rates can be higher and vary according to specific location, your needs, and your experience as a drone pilot. It also depends on the volume of photos and aerial videos.

E.g., it usually takes more time to carry out videography projects than photos. Videos often require more expertise and knowledge, which makes them much more expensive. Hence, prices can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Watch more drone real estate video HERE.

Quote Real Estate Drone Photography Pricing Per Hour

Many drone pilots charge based on square footage for real estate drone photography, with a photo package that includes exterior and interior shots. The best pricing structure for more general drone photography is to charge by the hour.

Fees range based on experience and geography. Below is a referred ballpark of real estate drone photography pricing in 2023: 

If you are still determining which is better, combine both. Wise freelance real estate drone photographers will include their fixed pricing packages to match different clients’ needs. If a shoot is longer than expected, most drone pilots may set hourly rates of $50-$100 per extra hour, according to their pricing.

Reasons to Use a Drone for Real Estate Photography

Real estate drone photography makes your home stand above the pack. It allows you to show off the entire outside of a property, flying above the house and showcasing an angle that other methods simply can’t. With real estate drone shots, you can have overhead grades of a property that give viewers a more concrete sense of the home’s size and actual look.

Let’s learn why a real estate agent should use drones and why drone pilots should double down on this potential industry.

First, please look at some statistics in order before we continue:

      • + 7 in 10 agents report that drone photography, videos, and virtual staging have been more critical since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

      • + 83% of home sellers prefer to work with a real estate agent who uses drone photography (that’s massive).

      • + 97% of home buyers use the internet to search for homes and expect to see quality photos

    As you can see, it will take a little while for drones to not only be an excellent addition to the real estate market but a must. Whether you’re a real estate agent or a drone pilot, drones are here to stay in this industry.

    Factors That Affect Real Estate Drone Photography Pricing

    When setting prices, three main things can directly decide how much drone photography costs for real estate. They are:

        • 1.  Skill

        • 2. Experience

        • 3. Type of drone

      Type of Drone

      A proficient quadcopter operator has to prepare high-end gear for the best possible image and video resolution.

      A $400 drone can’t possibly compare to a $4,000 drone. It means drone pilots with professional gear have the confidence to charge more.

      Additional expenses include getting a special license, which the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires.


      Location and type of project are significant factors to consider when discussing pricing. If the photographer is unfamiliar with where he will shoot, he must research the location. Otherwise, he might take more time for the process, which causes a higher fee to charge clients.

      There are drone operation rules that vary from city to state and country. A tip would be to look for someone local around the area. Remember that if you ask your photographer to travel to the photography location, travel fees may add to your costs. So it’s good advice to prepare for any journey before starting.


      Since real estate is one of the most competitive markets where fast turnaround is the key, no realtor wants to risk hiring someone who operates a drone for the first time.

      They are ready to pay a high cost because it’s understandable that they are not paying just for the final images or videos. They pay for their knowledge and time spent learning to fly the drone. Also, photo and video editing skills and creativity in finding the most eye-catching angles are another crucial element.

      For example, if someone is capturing real estate sales pictures, they must know and have experience finding the most selling points of view.

      Other Factors Impacting Real Estate Drone Photography Pricing

      Besides skills, experience, and types of drones, you should consider other weighty factors when pricing your drone photography:

          • + Professional training and costs of CAA approval

          • + External camera and lenses (optional)

          • + Insurance

          • + Safety and additional equipment

          • + Computer and software for image editing software

        Because of factor diversity, it’s never easy mathematics to determine the exact final cost of a real estate drone photography project. There might be situations when a few revisions are needed, or there is a short deadline for the project.

        Real Estate Drone Photo Editing With BeatColor

        Before and After Drone Real Estate Photography Editing by BeatColor

        Post-processing is an unquestionable necessity after capturing a drone image to ensure the last pictures are good quality and ready to use. Minor modifications such as color correction, white balance, exposure, and other adjustments can create a significant difference!

        Here’s where BeatColor can help!

        If you’ve already made additional attempts using a drone, why not ensure your images are simply fantastic? Professional editing can make an ordinary photo look amazing!

        Aside from drone real estate photo editing, BeatColor can also help with the following issues:

          • 1. Improper exposure levels

          • 2. Harsh shadows, lack of light, etc.

          • 3. Blurred images taken without a tripod

          • 4. Images that need cropping or other effects

          • 5. Lawn greening and sky replacements

          • 6. Twilight and day-to-dusk editing

          • 7. Clutter and advanced object removal

          • 8. Line and angle corrections

          • 9. Add bubble points to drone images

          •    And much more…!

          Final Words

          It is truly important to sort out your official real estate drone photography pricing. Low prices can make you look inexperienced and low-skilled. On the contrary, overpricing can have catastrophic effects on a brand which eliminates potential offers. Thus, I hope that you will refer to and consider carefully all elements mentioned in our article and find out your answer.

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