Inspiring Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2021

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Inspiring Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 2021

By Ly Bui 03/05/2021

The trend of Open Floor Plan Remodel Before And After remarks a turning point in interior design. Nowadays, the kitchen is beyond its basic concept of cooking area. It mainly serves as the central hub for family gatherings. During the COVID-19 lockdown, we discovered that the kitchen has additional functionalities, which we hadn’t known before. For example, the breakfast nook easily turns into a nice working place. 

The kitchen remodeling certainly requires a lot of effort and investment fee. Right at the beginning, we have to prepare a detailed renovation plan in order for a successful remodeling within our budgets. In this post,  you will explore inspiring kitchen ideas to make your kitchen more appealing!  

Inspiring Kitchen Remodeling Ideas For 202

1. Quartz Countertop

The economical option of Quartz offers an aesthetic look and effortless cleaning methods. Quartz comes with a wide array of different colors and patterns much more than any other countertop materials. In 2021, the light colors and models of Bianco Calacatta, Arion, Alabaster White is more favorited.   

The mother natural marble adds luxurious elegant touches. However, it is also the most delicate stone, which is harder to maintain or clean up. Especially, chopping right on the surface of the marble is nearly impossible. A quartz countertop would be a wise alternative for marble.

The appearance of Quartz will brighten up and give the whole kitchen glamour beauty for years. If you can mix the wall color, texture pattern design of the backsplash with the countertop, the kitchen is much more alluring than ever.

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2. Color Combination

Have you ever wanted to try to combine different colors to create a fresher look? The kitchen is the right place to unleash your creativity. Floors, cabinets, walls, and appliances give you lots of color mixture opportunities. 

Changing the wall colors and giving a fresh coat for the cabinet is the easiest color combination. If possible, you can change the floor to make a thorough kitchen transformation. Also, don’t forget to use a runner rug, a small add-on, which can completely bring a new look to the kitchen hub. 

Nowadays, the kitchen goes beyond its natural functionality. The concept of the great room makes the kitchen become the heart of the house. Moreover, the Covid-19 lockdowns have turned every corner of the house into working/ entertainment areas. It is no exception for the kitchen. The spotless kitchen and a nice color combination plus a nice view are inspired enough for working from home.  

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3. Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

Besides decorative traditional hardware, handleless kitchen cabinets bring a sleek and modern look to your kitchen. A smart kitchen can’t skip handless kitchen cabinets, which continues to be a Hit trend as a kitchen remodeling trend in 2021.

The technology is so advanced, if you don’t want to open the door in push mode then the recessed knobs will give you the same sleek look.

Kitchen cabinets without handles are currently the top trend in 2021. It creates a simpler look and focuses more on cabinet details

4. Brightening the kitchen

Bringing natural influences into the home is the desire of almost all homeowners. Many house designers use a window over the sink to let natural light, fresh air, and views to the kitchen area. It is certainly still a beloved trend in kitchen remodeling 2021. Rinsing the used dishes while enjoying the lush garden and natural lights sounds much more interesting. 

Under-cabinet lighting doesn’t only showcase the beauty of backsplash and lighten up the countertop, the lighting effect also creates a warm and inviting feeling. It also offers an energy-saving solution rather than using pendant lights almost all the time. 

Pendant light however still plays an important role in kitchen decoration, which shouldn’t be skipped if you desire a fresh look for the kitchen. 

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5. Stainless Steel Appliances & Smart Gadgets

The shiny stainless steel appliances would make the kitchen area really standing-out. Stainless steel refrigerator and oven,…are also perfect choices for anyone, who requires a spotless kitchen and easy cleaning method. 

The invention of smart kitchen appliances delivers exceptional convenience to the users. Remote-controlling smart appliances allow you to have extra time to complete the pending tasks. Furthermore, I’m sure you would be very delighted to introduce to your friends not only the outstanding kitchen remodeling but also the convenience of the smart kitchen bringing to your life. Undoubtedly, investing in smart appliances would be a dramatically important update for your kitchen.


6. Engineered Floor 

The moisture of the kitchen isn’t a good condition for a natural hardwood floor. The latest technology allows the kitchen to get the desired look of natural wood or any other kind of floor by the replacement of waterproof vinyl kitchen flooring, wood-look tile kitchen floor, laminate flooring, engineered wood kitchen flooring, stone-look kitchen flooring,…To make the complete kitchen transformation, updating the flooring kitchen wouldn’t be missed out beside other revamps.

Without visualizing these changes through Virtual Staging, it would be hard for you to imagine how the transformation looks like. Until now, the kitchen remodeling apps like Caesarstone Visualizer & Wilsonart make it easy for you to demonstrate your ideas. You can refer to how these two apps work through our article of Bathroom Remodelling App.


As the heart of the house, kitchen remodeling takes a lot of effort and expenses to make a complete transformation. It is no doubt that you would get a consultation from the architect, who understands the house configuration and materials much better than you.

The aforementioned ideas hopefully give you initial ideas to know what you can do to remodel the kitchen. Whether it would be an entire kitchen remodeling or partial remodeling, it is still important to visualize your ideas to make sure that the combination of light, material, color is perfect.

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