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Top 6 Fundamental Rules For Real Estate Drone Video

By Ly Bui 14/12/2022

The cost efficiency of the real estate drone video makes it popular yet effective in inspiring prospective home buyers. Notably, it is the only realistic way to feature the entire scope of the house and the surroundings.

The six following tips are the most fundamental to creating an inspiring video. The expert’s sharing tips are valuable to both newbie and mid-level experience real estate videographers. Newbie video makers can see it as background knowledge. In contrast, mid-level experience ones base on this information to review their existing videos and, if possible, upgrade their technique to a higher level. 

Keep reading on to discover powerful tips and apply them to your shooting! Let’s get started. 

Top 6 Fundamental Rules In Real Estate Drone Video Production

Set The Scene

Aerial video footage is shot at 400 feet or below. In many circumstances, stains, molds & leaves on the roof can ruin your aerial footage.

On the other hand, your drone clips can be distracted by vehicles, people, or construction sites/ materials. Therefore, setting the scene is the first and foremost step. 

The first tip for an inspiring real estate aerial video is to tidy up the property’s surroundings, repair the walls, and clean up the roof.

Furthermore, it is vital to pay attention to the shooting time. The beginning day on a weekday is always busy, so you should schedule early morning on the weekend day. At that time, not many people will involve in your video. 

Natural Lighting

Lighting is always crucial in creating a sense of your videography. Making a cinematic video requires creativity in playing with light to make the image more engaging. Utilizing natural lighting at the best time of the day to showcase the unique feature is a must. It is the geography of your residence that determines the best shooting time. 

If living by the beach, mid-day is the better time to capture a nice blue color with a polarising filter.

In contrast, landscapes can appear flat when viewed from above. Therefore, choosing a time with the sun lower in the sky is essential so that the land still casts a shadow.

Feature Highlight

You can discuss with the homeowner the outstanding features they would like to highlight. Remember to look for the aesthetics of the shot, but it is also the scenes that will upsell! Don’t just go for pretty; let’s go for functional. 

Commonly, we focus on features that prospective homebuyers care. For example, the appearance of facades, roof, and property surroundings: front yard, backyard, and nearby facilities such as supermarkets, schools, hospitals, ect.  

This way, real estate drone video significantly enhances a key property benefit or feature that your words alone can’t accomplish. So, adding aerial film is a plus.


Composition principles in residential drone shots real estate remain the same with real estate drone video. Depending on the property size and location, you can creatively utilize the rule of thirds, leading lines, diagonals, color, contrast, and pattern for real estate drone footage. 

The notable difference between ground-level videography and the aerial film is that you must fly around and zoom in/ out many times to find perfect angles. 

In aerial video real estate, the property is the prominent object of the house. You can base it on the foreground and background to frame the shot and highlight the feature you want to show off. For instance: Framing the picture by putting the house in the bottom half of the image to showcase the background. Reversely, you can show the foreground. Or else, you can place the home directly in the center. 

Take More Than One Copy Of Your Best Angle

As explained above, the most significant difference between the ground and air levels is that you must test many times to get the best angle.

Therefore, let’s take more than one copy of your best drone video and many slightly different angles for you to select later. 

Real Estate Video Editing

Real estate video editing is a must to optimize your image quality. Color consistency, sound quality, stabilization, and denoising are vital to producing inviting real estate drone videos.

In the next part, Top 5 inspiring real estate drone videos, we will show you videos edited by BeatColor. 

BeatColor’s video editors, with high editing skills in any kind of video, such as property listing videos, neighborhood videos, Realtor profile videos, agent voices over, and outstanding services, have satisfied even the most demanding customers. We commit to a 24-hour delivery time with no amendment fee in one month. Not only service-oriented but also creative, we are to provide real estate videographers the first-class quality. 

Top 5 Inspiring Real Estate Drone Video






Final Thoughts:

The Real estate drone video post shares the six fundamental rules. We can find similarities between the ground and air levels. The notable differences in real estate drone vids are choosing the house’s attributes and the most proper angles to showcase them. Additionally, you need a video editing expert full of creativity to produce the story-telling property video. 

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