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By Keila Ngo 30/09/2022

More and more companies tend to use video marketing to woo their customers and sell their products in the last few years. As a result, Real Estate Video Editing services have also gained tremendous popularity and interest from real estate agents for their marketing purposes.

While marketing any real estate property, it is important that the client gets a realistic feel of the property before deciding to buy or rent the place. If you are looking for an editor who can bring clickable look to your video shots, then you have come to the right place. Let’s discover what BeatColor real estate video editing service can bring to you in the concise post below. 

Real Estate Video Editing Services BeatColor Offers

BeatColor team of highly professional video editors who have been working in the real estate market for more than 10-years experience. We own required skills and resources to serve various styles and provide different types of video with an amazing look. Our video editing services for real estate include –

Basic Real Estate Video Editing

A basic real estate video includes no more than 15 short clips of which length is fewer than 5 minutes and its length is about 1 minute. We have the required expertise to do the lens correction and color correction, stabilize shaky videos. Besides, you will be provided with a Library of copyrighted music, add transitions, add the property address and add a real estate agent if needed. In case clients require both versions of Branded and Unbranded, we will be very happy to send.

Intermediate Real Estate Video Editing

Apart from the basic video editing, we also help in making the video better by editing maximum 30 clips of which 10 minutes in total and the final product will have 2-minutes length. Besides, the intermediate plan of BeatColor’s real estate video editing service also allows you to do drone video and indoor shots if included.

Advanced Real Estate Video Editing

Advanced Real Estate Video Editing includes the intermediate one and some differences about the video length. We will edit from no more than 30 input clips which are fewer than 25 minutes in total. The length of the final output will be 3 minute on average. 

Additional Effects to Real Estate Video As Clients Require

As a leading real estate photo and video editing service provider in Vietnam, by implementing video enhancement techniques we can flexibly improve your video quality as your specific request. These include following elements:

  • Color corrections/adjustments
  • Sharpness adjustments
  • Tilting
  • Adding 2D/3D effects
  • Sound enhancements
  • Calls-out adding if required 
  • Background noise reduction 
  • 4K exports if required 
  • Instagram Reels version if required  

Why Choose Our Real Estate  Video Editing for Business?

Our video editing service has always been highly recommended by our existing partners for over years. With a sense of high editing skill, good language skill, an appreciated service mind and some following reasons, I trust that the BeatColor team can satisfy even the most demanding customers. 

Customer Service

Client communication is one of elements which is usually paid the highest attention in BeatColor service. We are always ready to consult you before our cooperation.

Data Security

As a leading real estate photo editing and video editing service company, we commit to follow strict service level agreements to ensure that all your products are completely secure.

Quick Turnaround

We provide the best video editing for real estate agents within a quick turnaround time through our multiple delivery centers spread across the globe. The delivery time is usually no more than 24 hours. However, this timeline is purely dependent on the quality and duration of the raw footage submitted. If there is any urgent case, clients can give us a heads-up for sooner delivery time.

Latest Tool

BeatColor team is using Final Cut Pro software with the latest version for qualified real estate video editing. 

Competitive pricing

We provide high quality real estate editing services at cost-effective rates which is just from only $24. Moreover, the team is always ready to flexibly customize those based on the client’s requirements without extra fee.

Outsource Property Video Editing Services to Us


BeatColor Video Editing service is always highly appreciated and recommended by our current partners. Besides, the percentage of re-editing is very low with fast turn around which is no more than 24 hours. Contact us via to get more information and start our close cooperation soon!

Feedback for BeatColor Real Estate Video Editing Service


1/  What is the  price of a video editing service?

Answer: Our video editing services start from $20 and the price varies on the type of video editing you opt for.

2/ How long does it generally take you to edit a house? (On average)

Answer: 6-8 hours once we have a song picked out (Depends on how good everything looks straight out of camera, and whether or not it was a dusk shoot with more footage or normal daytime only shoot)

3/ What information does BeatColor need to create a final product?

Answer: Briefing from the client to understand the video editing requirement. For the music, clients can select the copyrighted music from our library. 

4/ What

Final Thoughts

It is obvious that real estate video editing is a must to have high effects on your promotion & marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a trusty editing online company, BeatColor is strongly recommended. We always keep updating the latest software and trends in the real estate industry as well as applying motion graphics, color grading, voice over, copyrighted music and sound, etc. Please review and start our cooperation by signing-up your account via this platform. 

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