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A Comprehensive Guideline Of How To Photograph Real Estate

By Ly Bui 18/10/2021

Photography is the photographers’ creativity and the art of arrangements in object, light, composition. So, in general, the topic of How To Photograph Real Estate is very broad and hard to convey enough in one post. This specific article walks you through some essential tips for taking real estate photos and storytelling your property. Let’s get started.  

Strategic Approach On How To Photograph Real Estate 

To fully explain how to photograph real estate, it had better dive into all subjects relating to real estate photography. Here, we have composed many useful articles like the following links. They would provide you with the best insight into how to take real estate photos perfectly. 

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How To Photograph Real Estate – Interior 

Interior Lighting

The decisive factor to enhance the beauty inside the house is taking advantage of light sources from ambient and artificial light. Nevertheless, the interior lighting has to bring out more details, highlight key parts in the frame. Importantly, it balances the overall lighting effect. If you are going to capture indoor real estate photography using natural light, let photograph each room once the most sunlight is streaming through the windows.

Another powerful technique is to bounce the flash to soften the lights and use it as non-directional lights to illuminate details in the dark areas. On sunny days, natural light from the window usually leaves a harsh shadow. In such a situation, flash comes as a terrific solution to brighten details. You can also use a direct on-camera flash or bounce-on camera to lighten up the details. 

In contrast to our normal opinion about the overcast days, which is not adequate to capture the property. However, such gloomy days don’t create hard shadows in interior shots. 


Space and lighting are two things to sell the properties. Composition refers to how elements of a frame are organized. The easiest way for the real estate photo shoot is to capture straightforwardly and focus on the features of the right aspects. However, it is not alluring enough to catch the attention of home buyers. So, how to photograph real estate properly and creatively enough to convey the unique beauty of the property. Let us walk you through the 4 legendary angles in shooting interior real estate photography. 

Generally, a real estate photo gives buyers a better impression of the size of the rooms. So, once composing the interior real estate photography, the tip of using leading lines to create a depth of the image and lead the viewers’ eye through the shot & the room is particularly crucial.

Leading lines from the ceiling and floor

The rule of third is another practical tip of almost all professional real estate photographers to capture a well-balanced and good proportion.

Besides two simple yet essential tips to compose a photo, you can also slightly heighten the tripod to include more foreground or background space if it features the highlight of your property.  

Next, let’s try medium shots to highlight a specific area of the room. Finally, a detailed shot is particularly useful to show outstanding decorations of your room or at least tell a story about the owners’ characteristics through how they set up the house.    

Shooting bracket

The hardest part of interior real estate photography is that the windows tend to be blown out while trying to keep the details of the inside room. The best solution in such a situation is bracketing and merging them together. If you are not familiar with photo touch up, Real estate photo editing services are your choice to produce perfect real estate photos in the balance of highlights, shadows, and mid-tones. 

How To Photograph Real Estate – Exterior 

If the interior real estate photography is the reflection of space where home buyers envision how they spend time together, the exterior shots bring a feeling of reunion and welcoming. Exterior real estate photography is important to make a great impression on viewers then let them exciting with other interior shots.           


As for exterior real estate photography, the position of the sun has a great impact on the quality of front shots. Normally, the ideal time to capture the exterior is when the light on the property is softest. It can be either before or after your shoot. Don’t schedule the shoot at noon, when harsh shadows ruin the beauty of the house. 

You are also not worried about an overcast day as the overcast sky, which dissipates shadows and provides nice lighting. Blue skies can always be added in post-processing. 

Alternatively, let’s impress your clients with a twilight shot. This post of Twilight Real Estate Photography is informative for you to dive into how the spectacular glow of lights and its stunning effect leverage real estate photography.

Real Estate Lighting

Camera Height For Exterior Shooting

Camera height for exterior shooting is another concern. Normally, a height of 6 to 12 feet is recommended to get a perfect balance. 

FQAs About How To Photograph Real Estate

How Many Pictures Of A House For Sale Should Be On The listing?

According to Zillow, the listing includes 22-27 photos featuring the living room, master bedroom, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and patio or deck, landscaping, and pool. 

What Is Real Estate Photography Pricing?

Prices are various, which depends on the residing area. Normally, the price ranges from US$ 150 – US$ 200 per shoot. 

How Can I Find A Professional Real Estate Photographer? 

Hiring a professional real estate photographer is really helpful to reveal all the beauty of the property. Importantly, professional real estate photographers spend a lot of money to equip a good ca, etc., flash, which are very essential for an amazing listing.

What Are Bonus Shots I Could Include? 

Other bonus shots worth considering are an exterior shot from the curb, dusk shot at clear night & at dusk, an exterior shot with the front door open for a welcoming scene, aerial images. 

Dusk shot at the clear night
Drone image

Final Thoughts

We hope the concise post gives you a good background of How To Photograph Real Estate. You become entirely ready to practice and build the portfolio as a professional real state photographer from the provided information. 

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