Top 9 Inspirational Real Estate Video Ideas in 2023

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Top 9 Inspirational Real Estate Video Ideas in 2023

By Keila Ngo 28/02/2023

Real estate video ideas are becoming the norm for effective real estate business marketing. Despite understanding that it is essential to invest in video marketing to generate leads, most real estate agents still feel confused when looking for qualified video ideas. This following concise article will take you through a list of inspirational real estate video ideas you can leverage to increase your marketing assets in 2023. 

Table of contents: 

1) Real estate listing video

2) Voice-over video tour

3) Drone tour

4) Real estate buying checklist video

5) Real estate video tips and tricks for beginners

6) Neighborhood Realtor videos and real estate farming video tips 

7) Realtor “about me” videos 

8) Realtor testimonial videos 

9) Real estate market update video

Why Are Real Estate Agents Essential?

In the digital age, video is a powerful way to build a business brand and access your target audiences. By marketing videos in the right places, such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, real estate agents are bound to generate more potential clients. Moreover, video content is an excellent tool for giving more transparent explanations about properties and surrounding neighbors. Obviously, real estate video is a more immersive way than just a photo can, which could help effectively increase your reputation and personal connection. 

In fact, the National Association of Realtors reveals that embedded videos drive 157% more organic search results to your website, and listings with video get 403% more inquiries! Plus, according to, 85% of buyers prefer to work with real estate agents using video content.

In a nutshell, if you run marketing campaigns for a real estate agent, pay attention to engaging video content. They can help you become a contender in such a competitive market as real estate. 

9 Inspirational Real Estate Video Ideas for Marketing 2023

The first part enhances your understanding of the importance of real estate marketing videos. Are you still confused about  what real estate video content ideas create a compelling video? Let’s discover what type of content you should be making to start!

Real Estate Listing Video

Real estate listing is a must in real estate marketing. A listing video, including photos with short video clips and scripts, can tell the story of a property more thoroughly than you can do with the picture itself. This video type showcases all exciting features and highlights impressive angles and amenities, which contributes to driving deals forward. 

 Searching for homes online is getting popular when home buyers decide to decide on their favored real estate agent. In fact, in 2020, 63% of homebuyers made an offer on a home they had only seen virtually. This figure shows how effectively listing, and walkthrough videos give prospects a look and feel of the property and drive deals forward.

You can include some ideas below: 

  1. 1. Share upcoming property listings
  2. 2. Create a “just sold” video
  3. 3. Property sale announcement video

Fotix Digital presents an excellent example of what an optimized listing should look like. The real estate agent takes you through the property and its amenities herself—besides giving a comprehensive look at the house, which also helps build a personal connection with viewers:

Voice-over video tour

While featuring your property listing videos, it is advisable to add a soothing voice-over going over the property’s details accompanied by mood-setting music. Many customers agree that they look forward to mixing up photos, video, on-screen text, and background music with some voice-over guidelines. Voice-over video tour brings a natural feel to them while capturing more attention with viewers once they see the video online. Additionally, you can add info-graphic text to increase pursuance with the prospective client’s buying decision.

If you are not leveraging the power of voice-over in your online content, you’re missing an opportunity to engage with prospective buyers.

Drone tour video

Drone virtual tours are a powerful way of showcasing your facilities for your online marketing efforts. They provide a range of interactive and dynamic views of your chosen location. Only aerial videos can visualize surrounding amenities completely, which standard cameras cannot.

This distinctive and potent media presentation allows a real estate business to engage its audiences with an exciting perspective. Take the following aerial video provided by BeatColor as a trusty example. With extreme stabilization and high-resolution imagery, BeatColor can support editing and provide you flawless footage, making promoting your business online a seamless experience as below:

Real estate buying checklist video

Next,  it is a  checklist video for first-time homebuyers that is a super valuable resource for your prospects. Buying a private home is one of the most significant investments and commitments for most of us. Since this process is quite stressful and challenging, it is natural to have questions during home-buying. 

There must be a lot of work to take care of, but do not fret. Once you study the real estate buying checklist video, you are getting the ball rolling. It definitely helps put first-time home buyers ahead in the planning process and prepare them for their closing date in 7 easy steps. 

  1. 1. Determine your finances
  2. 2. Find a reliable agent 
  3. 3. Get pre-approval 
  4. 4. Find your home & make an offer 
  5. 5. Mortgage application 
  6. 6. Home inspection & appraisal  
  7. 7. Closing Process

Real estate video how-to and tips

Real estate how-to videos are an excellent way to promote your services and display your unrivaled experience. For such type of this video, you need to spend time working on research to understand customers’ insight deeply. Then, based on your many years of practical experience, try to prove that you are a good fit for them by providing valuable and unique tips and tricks. Plus, you can ask your clients for testimonials about things they liked when working with you to brag about your reputation.

Below are some suggested real estate video content ideas.

  1. How to prepare your house to sell
  2. Guides to buy a house or sell a house
  3. How to hire a real estate agent
  4. Home improvement tips and advice

Neighborhood realtor videos  

Aside from the features of the property itself, the neighborhood of a property is sometimes a big selling point. Most home buyers agree that a property is 

 perfect if it is placed in an ideal location. Information about the neighborhood is precious to buyers since it is relevant to the property’s living environment. Some even are willing to compromise on the property but not the location. 

When featuring a local area, your real estate video ideas options are endless. You can present the absolute best that the property’s town, city, or even state has for new residents to enjoy. Some inspiring ideas include showing off green spaces like parks, giving a preview of popular local businesses, or presenting the city’s most check-in destination in the city. You can also even include some information like job opportunities or cultural activities. This particular video does just that by showing Sarasota’s best beaches, enticing all beach lovers.

Realtor “About me” videos 

A real estate agent video is one of the best ways to give potential clients an idea of who you are and whether you are the right realtor. The simplest way to go about an intro video is to use and modify what you wrote on your website’s about page. Real estate agent video ideas also let agents demonstrate their knowledge, prior accomplishments, and strengths — all crucial factors for any real estate realtor. Plus, do not forget to attach your contact info if your clients are interested in moving forward and co-operate with you. 

Not only can you build trust and credibility in the real estate community, this video type also lets you separate yourself from your competition— or other videos vying for viewers’ attention. 

Take inspiration from this video introducing broker Stephanie McCarthy. It opens with intense, uplifting music, and besides work, she also talks about her family background, what drew her to this profession, and even how her typical day is.

Realtor testimonial videos 

While an “About me” video gives you an opportunity to showcase that you’re great, a testimonial video allows your clients to tell the world that you are lovely to work with. Testimonials build social proof and enhance your credibility, but video testimonials kick these benefits up with a personal element. In actual fact, a study revealed that two out of three people are driven to purchase after watching a testimonial video. 

Real estate market update information video

Another popular real estate video marketing idea is to share recent updates on the housing market. This particular video garnered tens of thousands of views in just a few days, with curious viewers looking for advice on whether to go with a purchase or not. By explaining in an easy-to-understand language, the general buyers have a more educated understanding of the market. As a result, taking advantage of real estate market trends and adapting to the audience’s interest allows agents to stay ahead of other competitors.


As such, it cannot be denied that a good real estate video editing idea is a must to have high effects on promotion & marketing campaigns. It greatly contributes to generating leads, standing out from real estate agents’ competitors, and showcasing their services and properties in a visually striking manner. Hence, if you are concerning how you can master the art of the real estate video without getting lost in the process, let BeatColor helps cover the post-editing stage and make your social presentation perfect. 

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